RF Episode 2: Premium Subscription Rates


Heads up Soldiers of Novus! A Premium Subscription option will made be available for those who wish to gain an extra edge by offering 2x Exp / 2x PT / 2x Drop and 2x Mining Rate! In addition to this, Premium Service subscribers are entitled to FREE bonus credits for item mall purchases! (Yes, mortal, you save a LOT!).

RF Online is free to play. Premium Subscription will basically be an evolution of the current top-up scheme of RF Online. To avail of this mode, just top-up either via your MyLU! Or the direct top-up pages and choose “Premium Subscription”.

Those who wish to buy Galactic Credits to for Episode 2 Item Mall without availing of the Premium Subscription Package may simply choose “Buy Galactic Credits” from the Top-up pages and start enjoying the Item Mall in-game. Premium Subscribers may still purchase Galactic Credits should the elect to do so.

The new Subscription Rates will be
Premium Subscription Package:
* Php 75.00 = 5 Days Premium Subscription + 100 Galactic Credits
* Php 250 = 31 Days premium Subscription + 350 Galactic Credits

Galactic Credits Conversion Rate
* Php 1.00 = 5 Galactic Credits

Important Note: When Episode 2 launches on the main worlds on August 28, all remaining Game Time in RF Accounts will automatically be converted to Galactic Credits to allow players to start enjoying the Item Mall. A separate announcement will be made regarding this.

The war will never be the same!. Prepare or suffer defeat. Be a RF Premium Subscriber NOW!

(Bodybags not included)

Author: Kiven
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