Silkroad Online – Legend I Europe – short list of Changes and Additions


Lately, I’ve been putting quite a bit of time into Silkroad Online. Its FREE TO PLAY although there are cool stuff to be found in the item mall. AND the new SRO patch Legend I, Europe is soon to hit the live servers. I’m psyched up about the new Guardian system, the new classes and the new party system, additional pets, Wings feature for winged characters, and an improved interface.

Guardian System

Guardian System is a system for existing players (guardian) and beginners who are newly growing characters. Guardians can pass on their gaming experiences to the beginners (apprentice) so the beginners can get a better insight of the game. So under the guardian system, beginners (apprentice) will be able to adapt themselves to the gaming environment more easily, and the guardian who has made the contribution will be honored, and awarded.

New Party Mechanics

Unlike Chinese who are based on solo playing, European race is based on the role play aimed at the party play system.
Party play of European race is divided into each role and they are listed below.
Puller : Role of pulling the enemy. Pulling applicable numbers of monsters using medium, long ranged skills.
Tanker : Role of taking over the damage for puller instead. Based on a great defensive power, tanker taunts the mob which puller has pulled over.
Nuker : Role of helping the party’s hunting by killing the taunted mob by tanker with great power damage.
Healer : Role of healing party members during the fights with other supporting buffs.
– Extra experience points are gained when the numbers of party members increase.
– After applying Europe, changed experience points penalty is applied when hunting
– After applying Europe, Silver/Gold Time are both applied to exp auto share party
– After applying Europe, modified experience penalty is applied when hunting
– Party monsters will appear when you hunt under an exp auto share party.
– Party monsters have greater HP than normal monsters, and have better attacking power with higher damages.
– Party monsters disappear if they are not attacked for 5 minutes from the time they are spawned.
– The range of recognition of party members in an area will increase from 70 meters to 100 meters.

Here are some of the changes in Silkroad Online when the Legend I Europe hits the live servers:

  • 13 male and 13 female characters, total of 26 different European characters are to be added
  • Change in European race mastery growth formula : Maximum number of skill masteries will increase when the character’s level
  • Available equipment will be determined by mastery levels in Europe.
  • A weapon corresponding to the correct mastery is to be used for using skills
  • Different from China which is optimized in soloing play, European Race is optimized in party play and it is advantageous to choose the main skill to use when growing the character
  • European weapon/shield is to be added : Including one shield with total of 9 weapons, 10 different kinds of weapons will be added
  • European protector is to be added : Total of three different kinds of protectors are to be added
    – No set effect on European protector
  • European accessory is to be added : Necklace, Earring, Ring
  • China, Western China, Tarim Basin : Only Chinese equipment items are dropped
  • Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, Central Asia : Only European equipment items are dropped
  • Regions beyond Hotan area(area above lv.40) : Both European and Chinese equipment items are dropped
Author: Kiven
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9 thoughts on “Silkroad Online – Legend I Europe – short list of Changes and Additions

  1. hi i have a question

    everytime I log in i have an Internet problem (c9) have they change that. And if you log in and the server is full you must go away, is that changed??


  2. I have a question. In the european skills – What lvl can you get new skills, on the site it doesn’t show what lvl you get the skills.

  3. where can i go to download it because every were i go wont let me and i cant even get the download apla kation and i really want to play it i just need the eurpe eddition please help

  4. THE_ACER The skills can be obtained at level 4 you need to upgrade the mastery you want in order to get it…

    greg On the official website ( there are several places for downloading the client from

  5. hey guys im lvl 31 character im on posieden server add me im Alpha_Wolf cheers hope u add me go silkroad haha !!!!

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