Silkroad Online Europe Quest Guide Chart


Having a tough time doing Silkroad Online Europe’s Quests? Here’s a guide slash chart that shows at what level you can get a specific quests and how it links with other quest.

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48 thoughts on “Silkroad Online Europe Quest Guide Chart

  1. pls teach me how to finish the european quest stable pls teach were can i put the holloy water on that stable….put a picture in the guide pls………………….

  2. Once you get the Holy water got to the stable as indicated by the quest. go to the middle of the stable and use the holy water until you get the 5 required items. then go back to the witch.

  3. i want all the quests im lvl 16 soon 17 but i wanted to know where all pple are and which quests they give

  4. Hey Everyone If You Play In The pacific server ill be glad to level you’s im currently lvl 31 but i still make loads of exp add me as a friend or add me on
    xfire: Sarge8292

    Player name: Hero_Edward


  5. i download sro full version client for about 6 times already but it didn’t work…it says NEED TO INSTALL the FULL VERSION EUROPE..pls help me with this thnx..i misses sro a lot.

  6. I need help like above grance_07 has the same problem as me. I’ve downloaded the orginal client like 5 times. When i try installing the europe expansion it says the client file is for after the europe update. Plz help and ty.


  7. If i download the Full Version it says ”This Client can be used after the european update”

    The Question: How can i make this thing Work? :o

    Question 2: Where can i download the European Update?:S !?

    Thanks for help… if Answering please send me a Mail, ;)

  8. Hi if any of you have the problem were if says you need the full download of silkroad i had that to just go to this link and download it;4352997;/fileinfo.html or if that link dont work try going to this site and finding it your self just look for silkroad hope i can help

  9. Can some one please help me!!!!
    I downloaded all the files from in the download section to try and install it but every file i get always says “This client can be used after Europe update” and i dont know what to do. Ive never installed Silkroad before
    (first time), so does anyone have a solution to this? My friend used the same file as me and his worked but mine always has this error

    Please send me an email with a solution. THANKS

  10. i neeedd help plz i have the same problem i downloaded it alll and it says this client can be used after the eroupe update if you can help message me at

    plz send message if u can help thanks

  11. I got the same problem i spent 3 hours downloading the torrent file and when i ran it i got the message this is a client file that can be used after the european update where do i get this european update please help! email me on plz

  12. As I Said before if anyone wants help and is on the pacific server ill level you up plus ill help u do quests just pm me ingame or send me a message

    (Nice Guy)

  13. plz help me i downloaded the filefront client download but it says i needed the europe update som1 plz tell me where i can find it plz ='[

  14. Hey i just had the same problem!
    I downloaded the torrent and it said i need the european version.
    You just need to check your firewall and set your firewall not to block the installer (in both ways from you to the server and from the server to you). Try it out. At me it worked then and also i hope you did understand what i want to say ^^

  15. QUOTE :
    Hey i just had the same problem!
    I downloaded the torrent and it said i need the european version.
    You just need to check your firewall and set your firewall not to block the installer (in both ways from you to the server and from the server to you). Try it out. At me it worked then and also i hope you did understand what i want to say ^^”

    By unblocking ALL ports on my modem router and disabling my firewall i was able to install SRO.

    …Am just adding some credibility to what ealou said before :) do it, it should work :)

  16. For those who have problems installing the clients when it says “Need European Updates” just make sure you’re connected to the internet while installing the client and it will auto update..just that simple..

  17. I received the same problem before when i was installing the client not knowing i was not connected to the internet..but got it when i tried installling it online..

  18. Already tried to turn off firewall but didn’t work, same error message (but i didn’t turn off F-secure) What i chould do!!!

  19. Hey, Hero_Edward I really need help with a quest : /..Please whisper me whenever you can, i’ll try to be on more often for this quest, thx! :D

  20. it say ”this is a client file that can be used after the european update ”
    please help!

  21. este this is a client file that can be used after the Europe update pajuo error me sale en el global instalador no les pare bolas esprar al otro dia e intertar de nuevo e instalar y te servira ami me sale espero al otro y se me quite okas espero que les sirva

  22. I too also have the same problem with the message of installing after the europe update. I don’t get it. Can somebody reply back here?

    I restarted my router, my internet, and my all my ethernet cables, but its still not working! I shut off my norton online security, and I have no firewalls.

    I have fios wireless internet, and I’m always online. I should have no problem with this, yet it keeps occuring.

    Also, how do you unlblock all ports on the router? Thanks.

  23. I’m having the same trouble with the Stable Purification quest: I got to a certain point but now am lost. What I managed to do so far:
    – to get Holy Water, you need to talk to Clergy Gabriel at the Saint Sophia Cathedral (if you look on the map of Constan, it’s in the upper right)
    – but he tells you he doesn’t have any anymore, so then you need to go talk to Uvetino, who is in between the Merchant Camp and the Colosseum, and he says he’ll give you some if you give him horns from the Dow Genetos, the bears that are found on the left egde near the mountains of the Forest of Sorrow
    – so you kill many of them, get the 30 horns, go back to Uvetino, and he’ll give you 10 Holy Water

    My problem: Where is said stable that needs to be purified? I’ve gone to each of the buildings left of Constan, and each time it tells me “You can’t use Holy Water in this area.” I’m lost beyond this… :(

    And I had the same problem trying to install the game, with the same message. After waiting 3 and a half hours for it to download on uTorrent, I was pretty mad when it said it would work after the European update, which was suppoesed to be included in the file I just downloaded! And to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how it worked, but it worked for me:
    – Double click on the link that says something like Install client (sorry I’m not postive on this) and then it says “Please Wait…” and then the annoying message
    – After I said OK to the first message, but then the thing I had wanted to work filled in with an image rather than squares, and then I tired it again, and it worked… not sure if this was just luck on my part, or the fact that you need to try it at least twice… Not sure if this’ll work for anyone else, but it worked for me. I guess it’s worth a try :/

    Hope this helps someone, and I hope someone can help me

  24. You need to run the installfile as admin(rightclick>run as administrator).
    Worked for me :)

  25. Hi at All,

    if you getting the message saying that this installer is for european update, you have to add the installer in your firewall, allowing it to pass to the internet.

    For example in the windows firewall add it and then execute the installer, it tryies to connecto to the silkroad page and download a text-file, to verify that the servers are updatet to european version.


  26. Hello
    i download the game 4 times and its all the time says that this is a client file…
    i do what you says to do turn off the firewall/add him to the list
    and its the same all the time plz help me !!!

    mail me to


  27. i had same prob…”this is a client file that can be used after the european update”
    all you have to do is to uninstall firewall and restart computer…(do not desactivate firewall…that didn’t work for me ) UNINSTALL FIREWALL and restart computer !!!
    then install silkroad and reinstall firewall :-)
    mwuahahahaha i can give help at on live messenger msn or mailbox…

  28. if you r using nod32 as a antivirus go to configuraton of IMON and add the installer.exe as a exeption that work for me

  29. hi all!! i downloaded the filefront client download but it doesnt work, it says: “This is a client file that can be used after europe update” i need the europe update , where i can find it?

    e mail me on plz !!! =(

  30. hi everyone i have a problem i need to do the areas spear quest it says i have to kill those pink ciklopes i kept killing them but nothing help me out please

  31. Poul:
    I had the same problem. I got so tired of killing those guys… but since you only need to find one thing, in this case, Ares’ Spear, it won’t give it to you until you kill a LOT of those guys. But once you do, you’re done with the quest. Good luck!!

  32. i was able to dwnload and play sro, but every time i was not able to play for a week or so my launcher wont work anymore, keeps on asking to download the full version. very disappointing considering i am lv17 already. i really like this game but i am losing my patience, i can not download for hours everytime i need to play the game. pls help, what is the problem?

  33. Hey HMM Yeah a lot of people is having problem with the new update Forstress.
    I don’t know what to do really becouse i downloaded the client from Frontfile as it says on the website but still it doesn’t works, it doesn’t says anything . i cant start the game it doesn’t even update itself..
    what could it be? Can Some one tell us becouse its really lame to be without playing sro so can some one be kind and reply with a good awnser
    Thank You.

  34. uh is this a client download helpline or is this a quest guide for europe lol. Seriously, you guys should all go to the silkroad online forums, not a quest guide…

  35. for the Ares Spear quest you need to kill BRONTES

    a lot of BRONTES, I’ve been doing that quest since i was lvl 13 and now I’m lvl 17, and they haven’t droped me the ****** spear!! lol

  36. i download the game 5 times and after please wait i t says this client can be used after legend plus update i dint know why???????????
    plz help
    i am lvl 81 in server red sea glavier name Gage

  37. hi how i can play silkroad i download silkroad full version which is 867 mg and i install it but they told me to install the full version and i did but their was aproblem i should regist in it and i did but the yahoo is not working every time they are telling NO what i should do? and if any one can tell me how to download it in easy way talk to me at

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