Aion : The Tower of Eternity


Runs on: Modified Farcry Engine
Able to: max out resolution at 1920×1200 with high details
What it looks like? A highly detailed version of Lineage 2. Wimpy PC’s need not apply.
Biggest draw? True Aerial Combat. Wings arent merely for transportation.

What is Aion?
Aion is an MMORPG by NCSoft, and features the world of Atriea which was once a peaceful planet. When a minor disagreement caused a massive war, Atriea changed forever. The Tower of Eternity shattered and broke the world in two. On the top half live the Asmodia and on the bottom live the Elyos. In between them in this apple core-like world sits the shattered remains of the tower and the magical floating lands that were left behind at its passing. This area called the Abyss serves as the new battleground between the two sides and a third hateful race known as the Balaur.

Who will release this game in the Philippines? Aion Philippines?
Wait and see….

Here’s IGN’s hands on preview at E3 2007:

Players will begin their journey’s across Atriea by picking a class and completing basic quests up through level 10 at which point players will be able to choose a secondary class based on their first choice and become one of the Daeva. These Daeva are the upper class of Atriea affording them access to better areas of the world and also granting them wings.

One of the interesting aspects of Aion is that players will have the opportunity to fly from place to place, battle foes in the sky, and explore vertically unlike any MMO aside from City of Heroes. Wings can only be used for a short period at a time (right now it’s around a minute), but it’s still plenty of time to reach new places, especially in the magical Abyss.

In order to be named Daeva, the character playing had to bring water to a sentient tree in the middle of forest. At this point the game switched to a short cutscene, something that the developers are hoping sets apart the story from other MMOs. Many times when story quests are completed, players will be treated to one of these cutscenes which will show their own character, complete with armor, weapons and customized look, participating in them. The other cutscene we were shown was that of the character becoming a Daeva. Both were nice treats that we’re guessing players will enjoy.

Once players find their way into the realm of the Abyss, the PvP portion of the game will begin. Players could potentially make their way to the highest levels staying out of the area completely and participate in high level raid gameplay, but NCsoft says that players would be missing out on a lot of the fun. In the Abyss, players will be able to fight with one another on and in between islands in a persistent state zone filled with magic and danger.

The wildcard of the area are the draconian Balaur who pretty much hate everything else that lives. Their intentions are a mystery and their actions may be surprising. They may decided to come and help one side fight against the other and then turn around the next time and ally with the other side. It changes constantly so that players will have to react and adapt to the behavior of these beings as well. NCsoft is hoping that this PvPvE gameplay will change up the formula enough to keep players wanting more.

Players won’t simply be fighting random battles either. Citadels will be scattered around the environment just waiting to be captured. Once captured, they’ll give the faction in control certain bonuses though they weren’t ready to discuss that aspect more at this time.

Author: Kiven
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54 thoughts on “Aion : The Tower of Eternity

  1. whoa..!”Who will release this game in the Philippines? Aion Philippines? wait and see” hala na excite naman ako -_- pero sana local servers din..magulong kausap yung ibang tiga SEA -_-.

  2. Ok, please stick this in your damn minds. PH Game Companies cant localize high end games, reasons being:
    1. The cooler the games the more expensive for them. No company would even provide WoW in PH.
    2. The majority of PH gamers don’t have high end PCs to handle games like AION, AOC.
    3. If it has very good graphics, good gameplay, and many features, it’s P2P with a 15$ monthly subscription fee.

    Probably the best game which would be localized in PH is RO2. And its still shit compared to the newer games.

  3. @flamingdogs
    I 2nd the motion in you but when u say no company would even provide wow in ph? do u know that blizzard doesnt the wow to be franchise by other countries? just think why the other countries like japan,europe, etc.. dont have the server of their wow, think :D though they’re rich countries..

  4. well… lucky I am, I PLAYED this game last OPEN BETA in korean server… and i wont dream of aion beeing in PH, that’s way TOO FAR from reality…
    and dont wish it to be FREE to PLAY, because the game is WORTH PAYING… bisides PLAYNC/NCSOFT major mmorpgs are all P2P… and B2P…

    and my next stop for AION beta is China version… looks like Im gonna play AION again! and yah, I am playing at home always… i live in ph, and i can play all korean games like this.

    so good luck to you all, cause im gonna play aion kr/cn.
    you can only dream about it… lol

  5. Well moscos from what i read you cant play aionKr if your not in korea because you need a telephone to verified your account. Anyways its P2P. “Taena wala ako pake kung may bayad basta mag karoon ng international server.” 2009 OBT China, Taiwan, US and Euro

  6. omg!!! sana naman wag magkaron nito sa pinas…masisira lang tong game na to pagnagkaron sa pinas=)) bababuyin lang ng company tulad ng nangyari sa cabal=)) ganda ng game nababoy lang dahil sa e-games pffff

  7. ^^ promise maganda po yong game… actually I’d already play this game.. nakaka addict korean server nga lang dina ako makapag hintay na i-lunch yan

  8. pero nakakalungkot kasi may bug sa game by sending packets while attacking
    so that you can kill a mobs in onlya one hit!… yes it has a cheat..! butpromise I will never teach to every one that cheat.. yoko na magkasala mas masarap pala maglaro ng pinaghihirapan molvl 45 nayongpinapilotko pero nakabot nalang siyempre korea server…

  9. rather not localize the game here….di kaya ng local publisher ibigay sa pinoy gamer ang magandang service… kita nyo naman sa mga mmorpgs na dumadating dito sa pinas…

  10. the main question outa here..if there’s somebody could tell us if this game will be launch here in the philippines “yes” or “no”

    this is the best MMORPG ive ever encountered. Trust me and i cant wait too…

    while waiting try to get into the game korean server…this is how to register..…ogID=437662168

  11. @PxD

    Untrue about WoW not allowing servers outside the U.S. Europe for one has there own a long time ago. Taiwan, Korea and China have their own separate servers as well.

  12. Sabihin nyu na lahat ng gusto nyu Bout aion…Im playing aion china..hehe shet talaga ang ganda ng Graphics..parang ps2 or 3 nsya kung high specs ang pc nyu gaya ko ^^ tpos naka 19” LCD kapa….WOW Sarap… kaya international man o local im willing to pay to play aion…

    ING: AskOnLinE

  13. IGN: AskOnLinE
    Server:Malay ko Chinese eh ^^

    Pero i figured it out to turn it to english so sarap mag laro hehe..Sory nalang po sa mga hindi kaya ng pc at ng utak nyu kung panu mag DL an REG to play hehehehe…..


    My mga screenshop po ako dyan ng Char ko…^^

  14. zupp guys..
    when the aion philippines will be launched??

    im playing this game since november 12,2008
    its the beggining of AION korea beta test..
    and some koreans tested it here at philippines..
    and im one of those who try and play this game..
    i realy love it.. fly.. fly.. fly.. ( PK )
    now i have lvl 50 templar, lvl 50 cleric and lvl 50 gladiator..
    i hope that aion will be lauched here at philppines sooner..
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. i cant wait…


  15. amf.. anu ba??
    zunaris and i both play
    somewhere in Quezon Ave.
    some korean invest here for open beta of aion korea..
    i wish that it will be launch here at phil..
    i didnt expect that it will be an free to play..
    cuz` in its p2p..
    cant wait.. wahhh..

    tol.. san ka nga pala now??
    wala na kami balita since nag resign ka sa company..

  16. sana nga magkaroon dito pano kayo nakaka-access sa ako kasi sa chinese lang kaso tapos na beta.

  17. grabe ung game..

    ang tagal iDL.. :D


    pero i think worth naman..

    and for sure LUG nanaman hahawak netong AION kasi para di kayang iafford ng E-games ung ganitong klaseng laro..pero who knows..

    malay naten kunin ng E-games itong AION pantapat sa RohanPh..

    mas masaya :D


    after this its flying time :D

    lols :D

  18. im playing silkroadonline now, f2p pero sa monthly na ginagastos ko dapat nag p2p na lang ako, pero marami sa guildmates ko ang lilipat sa AION pag labas nya kahit p2p are wicked, and they say your gear can be dyed so it gives your char some uniqueness

  19. hayyys… sana nga LU yung mag paublish ng AION d2 sa philippines..
    pulubi kasi yung e-games eh

  20. just got my pre order beta key, anyone here playing the NA/EU beta events?
    im still downloading the client..

  21. if yer into aion game, feel free to pm me YM
    ggawa kami ng Legion(guild) all pinoy. thanks NA server

    @ pisot you need to have a serial key, u can pre-order the game on datablitz, they have already a pre-order pack. then before the aion release on the september 22nd, you will have to claim yer AION PACKAGE sa datablitz din, that includes your serial retail key and your CD

  22. 2.5k regular pre order
    3.5k collector’s edition pre order din

    may free 37 days kht alin dyan
    (only different sa free items pero kung ako sa regular kasi ung free item dyan
    na bibili lng nmn sa shop )

    750 php/15$=per month

    at mga tol SA MGA UMAASA NA E LALABAS E2 SA PINAS think again

    alam nyo bkt na/eu lalabas?

    isipin nyo na lng continent yan d yan bansa
    philipines pa kya, oo meron din mga bansa pero
    2lad ng korea obviously kasi cla gumawa
    at china pero wla nmn taung kakayanan para

    humawak ng mga high end games

    kya stick na lng kaso sa na/eu
    meron din yata chance ang sea
    pero matagal pa yata

  23. WoW, Guildwars and Warhammer Online Player here.

    I’ve been playing Warhammer Online and was enjoying awesome PvP when our server (oceanic) was merged with North American Servers. Nagkawatak-watak yung guild tapos nagkaubos-ubos nung trinansfer mga characters namin so lahat nawalan ng gana at magsisilipat na sa Aion when it goes live sa September 22.

    I already ordered my collector’s edition from Amazon, sana lang hindi ma-cancel. Its $70 (around 3400 pesos) tapos ang balita eh $15 per month ang fee.

    IMHO, hindi magrerelease to sa Pilipinas. NCSOFT is marketing this as a direct competitor ng WoW, Warhammer, Age of Conan, etc and this would most probably follow yung model ng games na yun: may mga North American Servers, European Servers at kung maraming maglalaro sa Asia, meron ding Oceanic Servers (para sa atin at sa australians).

    Masasabi ko lang: once you go international, di ka na babalik sa games dito sa ‘Pinas. Pag kasi international game ang nilalaro mo, masmatino ang mga kalaro mo. Tulad ng nakikita ko sa thread na to, ang mga iniiwasan kong kalaro eh yung mga bata na gagawa lang ng trial account tapos mumurahin at sasawsawan lang yung mga taong nagbabayad at may pakielam sa account nila.

  24. ahh grabe kung mag kkroon ng aion sa ph .. sure tatadtadin nnman tyo ng supermahal n tinda sa item mall..if f2p ..pde n rin kung my load join aq jn saya kya,,,, tps nka1gb ang video card hahahaha khit ifull mo p ang effects ng aion kyng kya pasok !

    try nlng muna mg private server hehehe ng mkapag explore

  25. ayt..

    kainis namn ala sa pinas..

    P2P aion eh! panu yan… kahit bumili k ng package nila..

    sayang namn ung DL ko.. aion worldwide


    sana me kumuha local gaming company kahit PP p nila.. ^.^

  26. If ever na magka aion d2 sa pinas malamang sa iAM Interactive. Aion is NCSoft. Ang iAM interactive ang may hawak ng lineage2 at guildwars na gawa din ng NCSoft.. Good thing kung sa LUG kasi me NCsoft ang LUG brazil. WAG NAMAN SANA SA E-GAMES.

  27. I somehow agree na bababuyin lang ng ‘Pinas ang Aion kapag dumating dito ang game. But I can’t help it! It’s so great. It’s the kind of online game I have been waiting for, as in!

    Sad but true, $15/month IS a bummer, pero I’ve read in the webite na available din ang game time cards, so sana kahit Aion International meron… ^_^

  28. sana talga LUG kumuha kasi kung yung Egames ang kukuha nian sure pulubi tau jan 2lad nalang ng RAN online days lang ang gamet drop pa item if na dedz……. dba d 2lad ng LUG d na drop items but ung prems pa nila is Perma …. para sa mga mayayabang jan na naka DL na ng AION pake namen kung mag Bill kau ng 3.5k a month or 750php pa yan wala nmng masama kung maghhntay for sure ilalabas ren yan sa pinas asan nmn kau na d ilalabas marked may words wala kasi kayung alam low life Game players na walang utak at buhay games FUCK oFF…… LUG ang mag lalabas nyan or kasi nasa knila ung ps2 graphic na 12sky.. at sa LUG ang ps2 graphic na silkroad flyff at RF online ,,/,, bullshit kau mga mayayabang

  29. wala ng Lineage 2 SEA, another great game na gawa ng NCSoft. di nakayanang i-manage ng iam interactive. so goodluck talaga kung kelan magkakaron ng Aion dito sa pinas e mas maganda at mas malaki ang aion compared to Lineage2 in terms of graphics, gameplay and system requirements. iiyak lang pc ng karamihan.

    malabong magkaroon ng dedicated ph server lang sa ganyang klaseng game. SEA server pwede pa pero sana next time yung hahawak ng game e yung kaya talaga. sinayang lang ng iam interactive ang Lineage 2. wag sana maulit yun sa aion. ayos lang magbayad para sa ganyang game. ang tanong e anong company kayang maglaunch nyan dito. ^^

  30. so far so good lvl 50 na ako w8ing na lng ako sa patch 1.9 at 2.0

    pero sana mag ka sea para
    alam ko na gagawin ko at papaymanan ko mga wlang alam

    ask ko lng po ung lineage SEA ba bumili pa ng key para maka laro?

    kung wla
    sana sa AION SEA kugn mag kaka roon wla na rin KEY , load na lng

  31. mayron na plang site ang aion ph server.
    kaya naka base ito sa brazil… kasi hindi kayang patakbuhin ng pinoy ang ganiton kalaking games kaya sa brazil ito nka base.
    halos lahat d2 ay pinoy ang naglalaro… ito ang temp site nla

  32. laro na lang kayo ng aion heaven…totoo na di to kakayanin ng pinas…ang gadna talaga ng graphics at effects…iiwanan ko lahat nga laro ko kung meron nito sa PINAS…Guild sa aion heaven…

  33. marami namng private server bakit di nyo subukan para maka pag laro naman kau ng AION while waiting to be launch on PH. darating din yan sa PH kc worlwide na ang kasikatan ng games nato.

    just remeber wag na lang kau mag donate sa private server just enjoy the game wag mag selos sa mga gamit ng iba na wala kau baka kau rin mag sisi nakapag donate ako sa private server ng atomix at na band lng ng GM dahil ng hack daw ako ni di ko nga alam mag hack. buti pala ng laro na lang ako sa retail kaysa private server na mawawala din naman pla sau ung accnt.

    sa mga pinoy antay na lang po kau darating din po yan sa PH.

  34. guys…pa help naman gustong gusto ko na ito laruin kaso di ko alam kung paano.suggest kayo kung anong site pwede idownload ito.kahit private server lng.thanks

  35. haist! wag n kau umasa p guys…

    hindi hndi mgk2roon ng AION PH.. wlng company ang mk2afford ng price nyan.. we all know “e-games/mylvlup/etc. company.. ay hind gnyan ky2man pra ma afford ang gnyang high end games.. xka isa pa…mlmang yan high end spec. din kylngan nya s computer to work..

  36. NC soft TEAM if your listening please hear our demands to let this EXCITING GAME in the PHILIPPINES. I don’t wanna play the private servers of this game because i know its always LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…..

  37. high nga specs.. bat ang dami pilipino naglalaro ng private servers? it means kapag meron Aion Ph. meron rin lumalaro

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