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Time for a paid sponsored review via Reviewme, this time for the online currency research website MMOBUX ( The service is still in beta stage but so far it looks like the site will be a boon to those who want to look for the best bang for the buck when it comes to acquiring online gaming currency. It works like this: Choose an online game from a list, choose how much ingame currency you want to buy and the site will take you to a list of online game currency traders who offer that amount along with other info like user ratings and website info for each. Added convenience for those interested in this type of service.

MMOBUX also has a separate alphabetically sorted listing of the different currency providers which could be much more helpful if it included each provider’s features and a rating scale of say: honesty, delivery, price, and reputation. It also has a forum where people can discuss about service quality of the different companies as well as related concerns. Currently, the site hosts a comparative list for prices for World of Warcraft only, broken down into separate servers (both US and EU servers) but dont be surprised if MMOBUX expands to include such games as Final Fantasy XI or EverQuest 2.

The website itself is designed with a tinge of web2.0 and minimalist ideals, which in service oriented sites such as this is a big blessing since its easy on the eyes and loads fast. Nothing to distract the user from pouring over what Mmobux has to offer.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement for the use of online game currency providers. Use them at your own risk.

Author: Kiven
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