Dungeon Runners Beta Experience


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OMFG. It started off as an innocent experience. I have previously read quite a bit about NCSoft’s Dungeon Runners F2P MMO and was interested to try it out. Problem: The game is invite only and you need to be referred by an existing member. But thanks to luck, i was able to acquire my own beta key invite and proceeded to download the 400+ mb client and installed it on my HDD. Almost 2 hours later, i was a level 6 Hunter with a badass looking armor with a purple (unique) crossbow that has a name of “Vacuum Powered Thorn Tosser of the Fastpaced Wasp”. and a paying member of Dungeon Runners. You see, you wont be able to use rare items if you don’t pay the 4.99USD monthly fee plus you wont be able to stack potions and have a storage box. Sure, the game is all about collecting stuff ala diablo but for some reason im terribly hooked on this game. maybe im just…bored.

DungeonRunners 2007-03-13 22-11-07-71.jpg DungeonRunners 2007-03-13 22-15-37-23.jpg

Author: Kiven
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  1. Hello, just like you, I am also very interested in playing the game, “Dungeon Runners” could you please
    refer or tell me how to get referred to play the game.


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