Preview Level Up’s upcoming MMO: Perfect World Philippines


Here is Level Up’s preview page regarding their upcoming MMO Perfect World Philippines.:

Perfect World is a full-feature 3D online game based on the rich Chinese mythology world of Pangu and the generations of gods that paved the way for the creation of civilizations. Anchored with abounding creative elements and features that paves way for the next level of 3D online gaming, Perfect World bestows players to be their own legend and create their own “Perfect World”.

Territorial Battles
The game divides the whole terrain into smaller domains and has a built-in territorial battle system where clans and factions can build, arm and fortify a city or multiple establishments at the same time. Fortify the captured city with catapults and armaments to effectively guard your location against opposing attackers who are keen on expanding their territory.

High detail character customization
The game allows players to customize character features, from head to toe. Every detail of the human body: hair style and color, facial features such as distance of the eyes, shape of the brows etc., body shape, skin color, torso size, width of limbs, etc., can be customized using a unique slider system that offers full control to the user. Using this customization system makes each character unique.

Battle in Land, Sea and Air
Each character and class in Perfect World has the special ability and peripherals to fly, trek and swim in different terrains. Inherent attributes, special equipments, summons or even mountable animals make it possible for characters to not only fly, trek and swim but also to duel and clash on any of the terrain. Perfect World created a world with flying monsters and floating cities and ruins, all waiting to be explored.

Massive Quest/Mission System

The game itself has more than 5,000 quests waiting to be discovered and completed. Quests can be race- and class-specific. Instance quests are available for players who would like to make their own adventures.

Huge continuous terrain
The entire game world is within one large map that requires no loading or no changing of maps so players can move around without waiting for scenes to change.

Day, Night and Weather Shifting

The game shifts from night to day and sunny to rainy season on a regular cycle, changing the view of each area to suit the time. This “real world” effect will immerse the players more effectively in the game.

16:9 Widescreen Mode
Allows players to play in widescreen mode to simulate a movie-type experience.

Perfect World Mailing System
This enables players to communicate with their online AND offline friends, clan mates or factions. Aside from mail, items can also be sent thought this unique system.

Perfect World Messenger
Perfect World has an in-game messenger that allows players to easily keep track of and chat with friends. The messenger always works, even if you’re outside the game.

Player Chatrooms
Chatting among players is now made easier with in-game chatrooms, allowing easy and clear ommunication among them.

Personalized Clothing
With this feature, one can truly express him/herself through his/her in-game character. Players have more options when it comes to what their character wears. They can even design their own in-game clothes.

Crafting System
Each crafted item is unique as the item will bear the crafter’s name.

Item Upgrading System
When a player upgrades his/her items, the item will have a glowing effect, the color depending on what gem was used.

Double Experience Option NPC
Leveling is easy with the Double Experience Option. A non-playing character (NPC) can provide 12-14 hours of 2x EXP per week (non-stackable) at the discretion of the player.

Martial Training System
This system allows you to train your character and improve its martial combat skills. Now players can be sure that the warrior they send to battle will dominate in the battlefield and bring you honor.

Riding Pet System
Pets are not just companions in Perfect World. Players can train their pets, mount them and use them as a means of transportation.

Partner Ride Systems
Mounts can accommodate up to two players at the same time, enabling you assist a fallen comrade and bring him to safety during a battle, or take a nice stroll in the woods or fields with your in-game loved one.

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  1. Hi!

    For more information and details about PW, please drop by my blog at

    I’ve compiled videos and screenshots from the Taiwan/China servers.

    You can also find other material about Ragnarok Online 2, another game Level-up will release sometime this year.


  2. hey is this f2p,.
    i just hope,.
    this game rocks,.
    and the only better game
    than silkroad online,.

  3. this game look good if this game is wasd control would be better but i dont think it would be better than WoW BUT Lool nice and i like the song to it.

  4. this game is F2p. wasd/arrows/point’n’click also in the game.great cc (character creation) and it will be out april 30Th a cupple of days from now. monday i think it wil be out. should be good

  5. Will the July 4th release be international or select area, seeing how it doesn’t seem to be covering Canada or the US areas yet and a high popluation of MMO players reside in these areas. I do truely look forward to sampling this game and what it has to offer that make indeed better then some of the already released MMO and MMORPG games I have Beta tested and played, though with all the limited details on it thus far it does seem to give an over all idea of how enjoyable it could be before in-game play for a verity of players with its options and abilities which is very impessive to see in such a setting.

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