Perfect World / World 2 MMO in the Philippines?

Is the Chinese 3D MMORPG World 2 by Perfect World coming to the Philippines? This interesting MMORPG from developer Perfect World is a fantasy online game that has striking similarities graphically to Blizzard’s worldwide phenomenon called World of Warcraft. Check out these screenshots:

pworld4.jpg pworld3.jpg

Chinese Actresses as Perfect World Cosplayers after the jump

Chinese Actresses as Perfect World Cosplayers via
pworldm2.jpg pworldm1.jpg

More Screenshots of Perfect World
pworld5.jpg pworld6.jpg

Author: Kiven
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29 thoughts on “Perfect World / World 2 MMO in the Philippines?

  1. it looks beautiful but I do not see any similarities with world of warcraft, it is more closer to rf online and lineage ii

  2. the game looks rly great i rly want to know where to download ik =D i play L2 and it almost look the same only PW has better looking skills.
    plz tell me :)

  3. How big is the open beta version(open beta version is open on July 18th)? U know, how much MB, or GB?

  4. HI
    The Beta version of PW should end soon but when wanna play the english version and not the translation page. I cant find a download where i can really download it for free. I Love such games but i think Nabinogi has Nice STYLE too please recomment.

    GReetings FROM GERMANY

  5. hey!!wew i like this game more than anything am a an addict of tantra also but ill switch in here!!

  6. ok i was at the site an clicked on the download links an it did not let me download please help

  7. Yeh I try downloading but nothing happens i click it and wait and wait but nothing comes up….

  8. yep ive got the same problem… i click on dvd download it w8s a while but then suddenly cant find the page…. HELP!! oh yeah another question is this english version? and if it is its the beta version so can you continue play the game or when the beta is closed youll lose your account aswell??

  9. hi! I installed the game and when I wanted to log in I couldn’t connect. I tried everything but it didn’t work. Please help me!!!

  10. Why the hell does every new MMO need to be compared to that boring-as-hell WoW?

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