Blizzard starts selling Burning Crusade, Pinoys left out


Blizzard has just announced that they are now selling World of Warcraft’s highly anticipated expansion The Burning Crusade on their online store. The bad news for WoW Pinoy gamers is that they dont offer shipping to the philippines (same as amazon for games). Buti pa Uganda, Yemen at Angola. Schieze.

p.s. the collectors edition is already sold out.

Author: Kiven
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1 thought on “Blizzard starts selling Burning Crusade, Pinoys left out

  1. There is a reason why they don’t ship game boxes to our country. In fact other game companies don’t ship game boxes here.
    Just wait the one from our local gaming stores, or order somewhere else… which I will post later on my blog ;)

    Kiven says: lol i know and thanks for teh offer, but we have our sources

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