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Christmas Shopping for your loved ones? Here is one inexpensive semi precious stone alternative compared to those plastic trinkets you buy in the malls around the metro:

These gorgeous necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets are hand-made from Alpaca silver* with mostly genuine and simulated semi-precious stones and/or murano-style glass beads. These are adorned with any of the following – cat’s eye beads, glass beads, silver seed beads, gemstone nuggets, bamboo, curled wire, native purl and silver points and are crafted by skilled artisans in Peru.

tikanchay1.jpg tikanchay2.JPG

*Alpaca Silver is a lightweight alloy, a mixture of copper, nickel, zinc, and iron, imitating silver, with an off tone that does not rust or tarnish even when polished.* Know more via http://tikanchay.multiply.com

This material makes fabulous fashion jewelry very affordable. To clean Alpaca Silver, one only has to dip a cloth into a solution of water with a small amount of detergent.

Semi-precious stones which may be used are: Tigers Eye (brown/black), Turquoise (blue-green), Jasper (light brown), Sodalite (milky blue-violet), Leopardite (brown/cream), Black Onyx (black), Celestine (sky blue and white), Rose Quartz (pink), White Quartz (white), Agate (green, smoky gray, pink, orange, blue, purple, brown), Andean Opal (bluish green or pink), Serpentine (green), Lapis Lazuli (dark blue w/ gold). Please note that natural stones may have ingrain imperfections which make these one-of-a-kind and actually add to the natural beauty of each piece.

Please note that all our products are handmade and shipped directly from Peru. Mode of payment is Cash On Delivery, or thru Bank Deposit.

Prices available upon request. We combine shipping and give discounts to bulk orders.You need not worry about the price because these fabulous pieces of art are very, very affordable.

We also accommodate customized orders. :)

We’d love to hear from you.

For inquiries and requests, you may —
email us at:
text us at:

*T�ikanchay- a Quechuan term (language used by the Incans) which means to adorn or make beautiful

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