The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii First Reviews


Nov 17 2006 update: rates Twilight Princess 10/10. w00t.

Twilight Princess is something you rarely see: a 60-hour adventure in which every moment is memorable. But then, maybe that’s no surprise — it represents the full resources and effort of the world’s most powerful first-party developer, and thanks to all those delays, it’s even enjoyed an extra year of polish and refinement.

Nov 14 2006 Update: The Hylia gave TP a 9.6 while gave TP a 9.9. Not too shabby Ninty..

Here come the first reviews for The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii. Gamespy scores it a 5 out of 5 while Underground Online (UGO) gives it an “A” = 95%. While its still a week to go before the official launch, it looks like Nintendo made a good move in launching their new hardware with a strong franchise like Zelda. I guess they learned their lesson from their Gamecube launch where Ninty tried to stuff Luigi down gamers’ throats to sell consoles. More impressions from the reviews after the jump.

Graphically, Twilight Princess does look like what it should: a pretty and smooth Gamecube port. No fancy schmancy PS3 or xbox 360 graphics here, folks. But if thats your priority then you’re looking at the wrong system, bud. It may not be graphically at par with say Gears of War but it holds its own thanks to excellent gameplay, fantastic art design and great controls. Yes, Wii fans the reviewers were satisfied with how the controls work on the wii-mote and the nunchuck.

Also use component input if able:

Twilight Princess is a great-looking game. On one hand, it has its graphical problems stemming from the GameCube development cycle (blurry textures, comparatively low-res characters, etc.), but the artistic direction more than makes up for these issues. I ended up playing through about 75 percent of the game using the standard composite cables that ship with the Wii, until I managed to snag some component cables towards the end. The difference in quality, clarity and imagery between the quite frankly subpar composite signal and the sexy 480p component signal was night and day. A sharper, more vibrant image enhanced the game experience significantly, so if you have the means, I highly recommend using component input

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