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Neverwinter Nights Fans might wanna check out: My Neverwinter Nights 2 performance tweak guide was mentioned in their latest blog post as well. Thanks guys.

This week we will discuss Official Neverwinter Nights Forums Highlights, NWN 2 Module Idea Contest Annoucment, NWN2 Patch 101 & 102 releases, NWN2 Performance Issues, NWN2 Multi-platform Support, NWN 2 CEP Version 2 Release, NWN2 UI Mods, and highlights from Bioware’s Official Community Newsletter.

Update: Corrected the post title and content as the Podcast not only covers Neverwinter Nights 2 but the original Neverwinter Nights as well. Well? what are you waiting for NWN fan? check out their site now:

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1 thought on “Neverwinter Nights Podcast

  1. Thanks for posting info about the show, and we enjoyed covering our tweaks.

    The name of our show is Neverwinter Nights Podcast, you have it listed as Neverwinter Nights 2 Podcast. We discuss both the NWN 1 and NWN2 topics.

    Just didn’t want to create any confusion.


    Jay Smith
    Neverwinter Nights Podcast

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