Neverwinter Nights 2: Recruiting for your Keep


Progress enough into the game and youll be rewarded with your own castle or keep as the game refers to it. But its no sparkling collection of bricks so you need to recruit people to populate your keep and spend money to develop it as well. You can choose which types of professions to man the towers for instance: do you turn it into a mage tower ala raistlin’s tower of sorcery or do you turn it into a headquarters for the Neverwinter Nine thus providing support for melee based fighters? The choice is yours. Recruitment List after the Jump.

Take note that Torio will give you tips on who to pursue, talk to her frequently

Weaponsmith – Jacoby – Forte Locke
Armourer – Edario – Highcliff
Merchant – Deekin – Merchants Quarter
Sargent – Katrina – Old Owl Well
Miners – Peatin – Old Owl Well (He will leave you later on.)
Miners – Calindra – Port Llast
Farmer – Orlen – West Harbor
Dancing Girl – Joy, Act 3 Merchants District
Scout – Guyven, Duskwood or Old owl well
Mercahnt – Drow Merchant Act 3 Fire Giant Lair

Bonegnasher Approach – It may be one of the other orc-infested sections of Old Owl Well, but I think it’s Bonegnasher Approach. On an elevated area from which orcs fire at you, there is a smashed up wagon. Near that smashed up wagon, hiding in the grass, is Guyven.
Githyanki Approach – At one of the curves on the long switchback leading up to the caves, Guyven is hiding in the grass again.
Ember – Guyven hides behind one of the burned homes, near the edge of the map.

Wizard – Act 3 Choose to make tower for Wizard
Priest – Act 3 Choose to build Chruch
Monk – Act 3, Choose to build
Neverwinter Nine Tower – Choose to build tower for NWN Nine,

Kartonia – Bring Casavir Get her from Old owl well
Light of Heaven – Port llast, Beat 3 times one on one
Jalboun – Bodyguard to Ambassador to Luskan , offer double pay during “encounter”

Kirstal, Giant Spider – Caves under Ember, feed her Insect collection from Duskwood

Not so sure about the demons that were trapped inside Jehro’s Keep.

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4 thoughts on “Neverwinter Nights 2: Recruiting for your Keep

  1. Where can i find more resources to my keep? :P

    have build alot of things and the dude who i talk to who build the shit sais we are out of resources.

    Thx for any help

  2. can we build both a tower and a church and do we receive any benefits for build a tower/church according to your class?

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