Guide to Playing World of Warcraft from The Philippines


Christmas is almost here and maybe some of you have already done your shopping while others may still be figuring out what they want or what to give. Some of you may want to splurge on a new PC or a new gadget while others may wanna try a game they never played before. So if you wanna play World of Warcarft but dont know how to do it from our corner of the globe then read on.

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG created by Blizzard Entertainment. You might recognize some of Blizzard’s other games: namely the Diablo , StarCraft, Warcraft series. As of November 2006, WoW has around 7 Million paying customers around the Globe divided into the gaming regions of the US/Oceania, Europe and China. Each regions has their own group of servers and are localized to fit a particular region’s language. In our case, since we speak English, our region is US/Oceania. Accounts created in WoW Europe wont work on other regions so choose your World of Warcraft retail box wisely. Expecially if youre buying through Ebay.

1) You can either buy a retail World of Warcraft box as picture below. Make sure you get the NTSC version as this is for the US region. OR Get a free 10 day trial via OR Ask one of your friends who are current subscribers to invite you for a 10 day trial.


2) Create an account on the World of Warcraft website:


3) READ the terms of agreement and click “I agree” . After that you will need to enter your authentication key. Every retail box of WoW has this, Trial users can enter a temporary key that will expire after the trial. Trial users will then need to pay $15 through a US credit card or purchase a retail box in order to get a full autehtication key.


4) Once your key has been approved, then you can Install the game. WoW comes in 4 CDS ion the standard package while the collector’s edition has a one DVD installer. Good luck finding a collectors edition these days though. IF you find a cheap one, lemme know also. =). The authentication key that comes with the retail box has a 30 days subscription time, so you only need to add game cards after your time expires.

5) Enter your real address. No point being banned by providing false info. Also, you cant change your account details without calling Blizzard so save yourself from potential problems down the road. Note that you cannot use a credit card to pay for game time if it doesnt have a us based billing address, but dont worry you can always top up your account via World of Warcraft game cards. WoW Game cards are available from Datablitz for roughly 40USD (roughly 2000 Pesos) for 60 day game cards. Note that you might find cheaper sources for retail boxes and game cards on Ebay. Ask if they can email the authentication code or card code as shipping the item will just make it more expensive.

6) Run World of Warcraft so that it can update itself to the latest patch. or Download the latest full standalone patch over at Once the game has been updated, Login to a server of your choice and enjoy the game. You might to read through the official WoW forums or through the official World of Warcraft Game Guide for more in depth info about the game.


Questions? Corrections? Leave a Comment. Thanks.

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. For more Play to Earn gaming news, Add me on Twitter: @Kiven and Like my Page on Facebook:

207 thoughts on “Guide to Playing World of Warcraft from The Philippines

  1. hey dude can u give me a authentication code for the world of warcraft plz i really need one email me if u have 1 i can use:) (

    Kiven says: Go out and buy a WoW retail box like the rest of us for chrrissakes…

  2. can yu give me a authentication code for the world of warcraft, please! thank you so much (

  3. I’m actually playing the game using a Mastercard with a Philippine-based billing address. It works even if their FAQ states otherwise.And personally, it’s a lot cheaper than buying game cards which cost somewhere around Php 2000.00 when you can use your credit card and pay approximately Php 800.00 a month. If anyone of you goes online, sign up on the Bonechewer realm. Lots of Filipinos there, and of course, the usual American-wannabes who can’t even get their English straight. :)

    Kiven says: Yeah, Dami Pinoys sa Bonechewer. RE: payment: talaga? i havent actually tried it eh. what card did you use? i get my game cards for around 900-1k php via ebay pero via cc is much hassle free. Dami ba wannabes? try the local online games =) bwahaha

  4. Hi, does anyone know of any store that sells WoW Game Cards except Datablitz..plz email me….and I AM LOOKING FOR A GUILD IN THE REALM ARTHAS…my char name: Winterherz(60 balance druid with all 5/8 wildheart set)

  5. @jbbuena tungkol sa credit card thingie… anu un dollar account ba sau? or php lag acount mo? kasi kung peso lang tlgang interesado na ako mag wOw.. problema lang kasi ung dolyares eh amp tlga wow.

    Kiven says: LOl gagana yan kahit peso CC account. make sure na tama lang address mo and enter a US state. around 700php a month

  6. thanks sa info… anu namang us state lagay ko in relation to my address… takot kasi ako mag umpisa kasi wala pa ako idea what to do na account eh… bumili kasi me ng orig ng war3 and war3 ft may kasama syang cd ng wow with 14 day trial… sabi nyo 1 month free diba?? pro rated ba charges???

  7. ang dami nga daw pinoys sa bonechewer eh… ung nga lang panay horde :D kami ng mga friends ko galing ng darkspear pero lumipat ng dragonblight… mas trip kasi namin alliance eh XD

    Kiven says: FOR THE HORDE!!!!!

  8. ^ masyado na po malakas horde eh… lalo na ngayon meron na blood elves… arcane torrent + mana tap = uber T_T buti nga wala blood elf shammy eh :D

    sayang nga lang wala na ung promo sa load ng wow… sana maawa naman sila at maisipang ibalik >:)

  9. can anyone PPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ give me a key for World of warcraftPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! nd tanks aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllooooooooootttttttt !!!

  10. @iyan actually
    pag alliance ka e hoirde sasabihin m lumakas
    pag horde ka reklamo e alliance malakas

    imho before BC, raid group with pallys were stronger than their horde counterparts albeit slightly..ngaun available na sa both sides lahjat ng classes e patas na…it still boils down to team composition, teamwork and skill level =)

  11. Mga tsong!

    We are planning to create an All-Filipino Guild.
    Punta kayo sa Alterac Mountains realm.

    PM me in the game. My char’s name is Madamrosa.

  12. Guys mablis ba WoW sa Pinas? Right now i’m in the U.S. i’m going there next month, gus2 ko lng malaman kng walang lag jan.

  13. hello mga tsong. im currently playing sa deathwing. may mga pinoys din don. i was hoping to find some more pinoys para makapaginstance at raid occasionally. instead sa LFG thing na minsan mahirap maghanap ng matinong pug. may 2 akong kilala na pinoy din keso la kaming tank. if ever lipat ako sa bonechewer pero start at lvl 1. ano po ba guilds ng pinoy don?

  14. Hello!!!

    I have a question lng… dumating na ba jan s pinas and “WoWTBC” (Worlf or Warcraft.The Burning Crusade)??
    At saan ba mas maraming pilipino.. ako nasa aszune at Runetotem.. italian guild.. im searching pinoy gild i can’t find any1 :(.. Dito sa italy ang dami taong baliw sa WoW.. Name ng aking PG Nigthmagic (Runetotem)… at Obesto (Aszune)… kami ng mga friends ko lahat kami ay Nigth… and umpisa ng name namin :) creat kau ng char sa Runetotem plz and whisper me.. Antay ko kau ha… Ito and aking email [ ]
    Thanks :D

    Kiven says: Worlf or Warcraft? Well of course meron na dito sa pinas Wow BC =)

  15. ei dude 1 question pa, wer can i buy the WOW and its expansion, d2 me sa manila nakatira, w8 ko reply mo ha.. xcited n ko mag woW, hehehe. ksawa n kc ang RF. >.

  16. d2 sa italy.. :P pwede kta bile… :D pero mahal eh!!!
    give mo skin email mo…
    :D sabihin mo sakin ang iyong server plz… im searching

  17. rem, hir. another warcraft fanatic.
    i had bought a book, WOW, Rise of the horde, ang ganda and nabuhay uli ang passion ko s wrcrft.i have been trying to get hold of this game for months.
    ask ko lng:
    1. how to begin playing?
    2. where and how to buy the game?
    3. pano ang billing nya?

    pls, help me sleep at night…^_^

    Kiven says: check out my next post…i just got those books (plus the diablo ones) via powerbooks =)

    answer to your question: read the post you replied to. =) thanks.

  18. uhmmm san b may comp shop n mrong WoW d2 s manila, malapit sa legarda??? tnx.. =D gstong gsto ko n mag WoW kc..

  19. ello there d2 me uk, play ng wow, uwi kami pinas for a months holiday sana meron sa mg inet shop na game, kc mamimiss ho lol..have paladin lvl 70 and huntard70 in 2 diff accounts, not sure kung ma-aaccess ko ba ung mga accounts na to if im home sa pinas?:(musta pala ang wow sa pinas, u guys had the tbc one already? pa level till 70 ung bagong cd na to,was released early jan.d2,.we’ll be home june so, sana mkapag open ako ng account ko, no use kung bibili ako new account, kase balike din d2=[ anyways happy pawning^^ rofl

  20. bruj may tanong ako sau… ano ang server mo at and name ng PG mo? plz tell me….. :D lol

  21. Please i need an authetication key freeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Help me!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot find one anywhere!!!!!!

    Kiven says: FREEE!!!!???? Buy your own account you cheapskate

  22. mga tol, noob question lang po.
    kasi may region devisions ang mga relms ng wow sa buon mundo.
    gusto ko bumili at mag laro ng wow. dito ako sa US nakatira na. tanong lang ako kung pag nag open ako account dito, pag umuwi ako sa pinas, makakalaro ba ako sa mga relms(servers)
    US/Oceana? double check ko lang, alam ko meron isa nag post na nasa bonechewer mga pinoy, is this on the US/Oceana realms?
    uwi kaso ako ng pinas palagi, i want to bring my game with me.

    thank you

  23. nakakabuwiset yung mga nagpopost na nanghihingi ng authentication key for WoW. nasanay sa pirated. heh. :) anyhoo, sa drak’thul server ako, idk kung maraming noyps dun, pero i know a few. pero i dont see them online na. ako medjo active pa and im in a good guild. so if any of u is looking for a Pvp server, daan kayong Drak’thul. hanapin niyo Iraya. Level 41 Feral Combat Drood. :)

  24. Everyone listen my birthday will be after 2 days can someone send me an Authentication Key to my email ?

    PS : My email is
    PSS : That would be a best birthday EVER !!!

  25. Kul Tiras

    Warlock – 70
    Demon Spec
    guild – BisDak (short for Bisayang Dako!)

    pinoy lahat ka guild =)
    check nyo nalang sa

  26. glad to know marami pa lang pinoy playing WOW. just started 2 weeks ago…night elf druid lvl 29 so far. Would like to join a pinoy guild ..heheheh… amanthul server kami ng mga barkada ko…

  27. any pinoy guilds recruiting?

    lvl 70 rogue combat spec(for raiding)
    skywall server

    and a friend

    lvl 70 druid (feral spec atm)

  28. Looking for more pinoy players well establish Alliance guild kame sa Maelstrom server nag raraid kame ng 9 pm oras natin if interested look for MIDNYT,MESSAIAH,GADSGIFT,MSTRESS or DIANCO or for more info

  29. Hello would like to ask about contact info of blizzard and regarding purchases of warcraft cd in phillipines.


  30. hi, ask lang ako kung saan pwede bumili ng WoW (Europe) CD in Manila and kailangan ko pa ba ng expansion para makapag laro? hindi pwedeng Wow accnt lang? ung sa Datablitz na load for WoW pwede din ba un sa Europe and US? pls i really need to know para makapag start na ako… thx…

  31. Yes, dami pinoys sa Bonechewer. Nagpapa-level ako ng alt ko then ang dami ko nakasalubong na mga pinoys sa kung saan-saan. So far, around 8 guilds ang may mga pinoys sa guild nila. Around 3 of those guild may 80% pinoy composition.

    Top Pinoy guild dun ang , raiding/pvp guild sila composed of former High Warlords and Hardcore raiders. Currently number two Horde Guild ng server after downing the pit lord, Magtheridon, recently. Not bad considering napakasama minsan ng lag.

    Nandun rin ang atsaka , mga top tier raiding guilds din currently Gruul’s Lair level guilds.

    And the old school , dating top pinoy guild pero nag splinter na sila. Right now focused ata sila sa pvp and mostly sa mga members nito ay mga nasa waiting list of applications ng mga aforementioned guilds.

    Report lang po from Bonechewer ^_^

  32. For all those asking for an auhtentication key, you can buy the real game and shut up

    Or you can do what I do and play alone using a WoWEmu private server emulator. I usually play my on own WOW server as a solo game during maintenance or patching of the authentic servers. It’s free too.

    I’ve always wondered how come neither Level Up or EGames has thought to get the license to WoW. It’d be pretty neat to have one of our own authentic servers for a change without having to shell out P2k a month, neh?

  33. wala pala tinda dito sa phil and sa hawaii na WoW EU kailangan pala talaga online ka oorder… anyway hintayin ko tita ko na omorder for me to play in WoW EU… hehehe babayaran ko nalang sakanya ng PHP… anyway thx…

  34. noob question lang, im just wondering pwede bang gawin yung credit card na pang top up lang? i dont have that much money (im still a student saving my allowance) and maybe just maybe cant afford to pay monthly. ill would try game cards but they’re expensive than using a credit card. thnx in advance

  35. kung meron mga pinoy sa Nagrand, we have an all-filipino guild, Wrath of Rizal. look for Megastar, Kenkoy, Willen, Ptrpn, Sorbetes, Adobo, Jollibee or me.

  36. H E R O E S guild (All Pinoy Guild)

    Recruiting more pinoy players

    Fresh guild in Bonechewer Horde

    Currently 10 members. highest is level 40. All members came from other big pinoy guilds like Tribo Habagat, Empire and Are we there yet. We decided to form a new guild so there will be balance and no bias in loot for members.

    Please pm Vardeleon, Lorinnser or Marimar for invite.


  37. Hmm… naghahanap kme ng guild ng pinoy in wow (horde) kasi boring at pangit makaguild ung iba kc iba tlga time nila kaysa satin kaya di kme nakakasama sa raid..


    Darrowmere (at the moment)

    lvl 70 warrior

    Arms/Fury – sa ngyn dahil pvp lang

  38. Tanong ko lang po
    natapos ko na ang 10 day trial ko. now i want to continue playing
    my friend has a credit card pano gamitin po ang credit card para
    upgrade account. nag ask ng authentication key.

    ung po bang authentication key ay katumbas ng mga mga
    game card natin tulad sa pinas just like asking for pin and card #?

    where site kami punta pra makakuha ng authentication key
    sabi kc mura sa credit card $15 a month lang daw po..


  39. You need to purchase the GAME via kasi each copy of the game has a key. actually, youre paying for the key na lang.

    buy the game via box or website
    get authentication code
    enter it into your account
    enjoy wow

  40. Madaming pinoy guilds sa Bonechewer. Tribo Habagat, Signum Vires, Empire, Barrio Engkanto, Are We there yet, etc. All of them are already cleared Karazhan and attempting on grull already. Signum vires is the best guild, nasa SSC na ata sila. Mahirap makapasok sa kanila kasi gusto nila full T4 ka na and raids every night. SUn naman sa other guilds, masyado madami kaya wala ka naman raid spot.

    If you wana start a new character, welcome ka sa new guild namin, H E R O E S guild. Lahat kami galing dun sa mga big pinoy guilds, pero nag reroll kami kasi hindi namin gusto sa loot rules and raid spots. Bago lang guild namin. puro low levels pa.

    Just PM me Vardeleon or Marimar or Lorinnser

    H E R O E S
    Bonechewer Horde

  41. Hello fellow pinoy/ays,

    I too am looking for a Pinoy guild. So far, I found “PINOY” guild in jubei’thos server. Tribo Habagat in bonechewer (madami daw pinoyz dun). I’m about to roll a horde and would like to hangout with you folks :)

  42. wow! okay check ko bonechewer, vardeleon. casual player muna ako newly wed pa kasi hehe. thanks for your post, Vardeleon.

  43. We are looking for more pinoy players to join Litany of Fury.

    Raiding time is 9pm pinas time. 4 to 5 times a week. We are currently 20 pinoys in the guild.

    Real life location – ANgeles City pampanga De_shop I-cafe.

    Malestorm server. alliance. Us srvr po. pst or mail Mstress Gadsgift Dianaco Midnyt Maleagant Agnop Zensmoke Infested Vengeful

    see yah!

  44. We definitely need a Pinoy WoW forum, maybe i should setup one? maybe we can all start one the same server (ha!) once a couple of new ones open.

  45. “We definitely need a Pinoy WoW forum, maybe i should setup one? maybe we can all start one the same server (ha!) once a couple of new ones open. ”

    thumbs up here! the latter i really like, but re-rolling a toon would be really tedious.

  46. oi san ba makakalaro ng wow ng mabilis ang pc malapit sa feu/ust?? and also if anyone from bataan is playing WoW specifically in balanga?

  47. the news says that WOW is comn to manila by NOV’07 .. e-pldt, mobius and the other company i didn’t quite get the name.. do we have to wait for the new Phil server or HINTAY PUTI ANG UWAK?
    im dead waiting for the phil server…


    -php manipulator

  48. oo nga, feeling ko kelangan natin ng pinoy wow forum. :D ako pa rin si iraya, pero level 70 na ngayon, pwede nang mag raid. :D hehe. ive stopped playing for a month though kase medjow busy sa work. pagnapagdecide-an na gagawa ng pinoy wow, email niyo ko. :D asteg!

  49. WoWEU Chromaggus.. paki pm lng kun andito kau.. character ko si “Goldroger” tnx..

  50. Hey fellow WoW pinoys,

    If you’re horde and looking for a pinoy guild you might want to check out our guild Onslaught at Bonechewer server. We’re a tight knit guild made up of close friends whom we’ve been gaming for several years already.

    Currently, we’ve started Karazhan, one shotted Attumen and Moroes, 3 shot Maiden. (not bad for a start hehe, though we had some help). We’re still looking for pinoy players eager to raid (casually) 10 man raid dungeons. We’re gearing up in Kara in anticipation of Zul’Aman in patch 2.3.

    Some of the members, myself included are old-school raiders. Pre-TBC, i’ve downed (while still part of Signum Vires) Twin Emps (AQ 40) and Anub (Naxx), etc.

    See you in Bonechewer mga ser.

  51. Sorry, kiven none atm. Though we’re planning to put up a message board soon. Our guild is really small, made up of our wow friends we’ve been playing with all these years (our roots go back to RO days, hence our guildname which we used way back). We’re not really going to recruit in the way guilds traditionally recruit. We’d rather get players through word-of-mouth. That way, we know they’re close to at least one of the guild members.

    Currently, the mix in the guild is made up of old-school raiders, new players and some wow returnees.

    Lvl 70 Blood Elf Rogue
    Onslaught – Bonechewer server

    PS: Someone should really start a pinoy WoW boards. ^^

  52. Hi everyone!

    Im taga-pampanga, syempre d2 sa province eh hindi ganun ka updated kaya d ko alam kung saan ko hahanapin yang bentahan ng original retail game na yan. Ask ko lang if saan bibibi? Kahit sa manila ok lang.

    Then next question ko eh, pano naman ung billing? Meron pabang alternative sa online payment? D ba may paypal philippines na? Pwed ba un? Kaso hindi ko alam pano ung paypal… At ayaw ko naman ung pabalik-balik sa manila para lang humagilap ng prepaid cards…

    And lasty, may news na ba kung may chance pabang magkaroon ng our very own World of Warcraft Philippines?

  53. @ Kiven: there’s always paid transfers, hehe. Update us on your message boards project. Thanks.

  54. Mga tol I ve been playing WOW for a while US alliance Gorganash Server walang ganong Pinoy meron bang guild na pwede akong mag member?

  55. i think mobius won the bid for wow philippines nun may pa cguro.. pero sabi nun ceo ang problema wala daw sa kanila kundi sa blizzard.. ewan di sinabi kung bakit.. nsa inquirer site.. bakit kasi mobius pa ang nanalo e ang dami nilang nirelease na new games and updates tos gusto pa nila wow..

  56. well…ok wala pang official date?
    sana namn meron na tayong sariling servr…
    our asian neighbors has already…why not here…


  57. sana pagdating ng expansion2 wrath of the lich king meron na tayong server.. weee..

  58. saan ka ba pwede makabili ng game-card dito sa pilipinas?

    meron ba bumibenta ng card sa iloilo?

    pls email….

  59. meron ba kayung alam na alternative para magkaload other than gamecards and credit cards? Im thinking of a service that lets u transact online by sending money thru a bank even w/o an account to that bank or something like that

  60. You can buy game cards at malls near you…

    No other ways of paying this game…only game cards or credit cards

    and its imposible to have WOW server in Philippines…

    Blizz makes dedicated servers for the entire world…thats it

    Hope its clear…


  61. Thanks for the reply. I just found out about Union Bank’s EON cyberaccount. its a Debit card but it has no INITIAL DEPOSIT and MAINTAINING BALANCE just 350 anually for the visa electron reg. I just applied for it and they said ill get it in 5 days time. Hope this info helps for those would be WoW players who dont have Credit cards. just go search google about it if ur interested.

    ps. u can apply even if ur non-working or a student.

  62. any pinoy guilds there running mh/bt? im a lvl 70 mage in full t5 gear with some ssc/tk/za/mh gears… im from a pvp oceanic server na horde side.. my current guild progression is 4/5 MH and 4/9 BT… mejo na bobored nadin kasi ako since ako lang pinoy and mejo nakakaramdam nako ng guild drama sa guild ko im sensing a disband soon lol ill bookmark this site and hopefully ill get a reply kkthxbai

  63. Im currently playing a level 66 horde shamy on Spirestone server. ATM i have an american guild and Im getting bored cuz iba ang playing time ko ( 8:00 pm onwards PH time).
    Is there an all pinoy horde guild na pwedeng kumumkop sa akin? :P willing ako mag transfer. Mahilig ako mag instance runs cuz i enjoy playin with a group and tingin ko masmasaya sa vent kung puro noypi ang kausap ko. :)

    YM id = x_qatorse

  64. I can attest to Kharnage’s promotion of Onslaught…

    I was formerly a member o Signum Vires and we’ve been through a lot of shit. We could’ve made it to Mount Hyjal and Black Temple easily if it weren’t for the fact that a lot of the core members left the game to pursue serious life offline . hehe

    So kung gusto nyo ng progressive pinoy guild, look no further than Onslaught at Bonechewer. Sure, nag uumpisa uli sila sa Kharazan. But that’s their way of getting to know new people and gauge their abilities.

    This is all I can do to help my former guildies. Goodluck guys! ^_^

  65. Hut And Spicy of Kiljaeden US Alliance (PVP) is a hard core raiding guild that have Kara/ZA/Gruul/Mag/SSC and 3/4 TK on farm status. A few of our members have also already downed Illidan/cleared BT. We also have daily premades for those who love to PVP.

    We are currently working on Kael’thas but due to recent pinoy internet problems, we are lacking attendance and having difficulty progressing.

    We are now currently looking for more oceanic-time raid-oriented Alliance players. If you feel you are skilled and dedicated enough, consider transfering/applying at our server. The best and the brightest will get their chance to see end game content.

    Even if you aren’t geared enough, you will always be welcome. We will always run the undergeared for Kara/Gruul/SSC.

    Pst Prie, Aura, or Dragonix in the game. Remember, Kil’jaeden Alliance (PVP).

    Our guild website:

  66. can someone plz plz plz plz plz plz give me an authentication key i would do anything to buy one but we cant afford to buy 1 srry but plz help me out i really appreaciate it


    p.s. srry if i spelled somethin wrong i cant spell it right but plz i would do anything to get it

  67. Hey guys,

    Didn’t know there’s some real hardcore players of WoW here in the Philippines. Cool! Anyways, anyone from the Nathrezim Realm here? Particularly the horde side? I’m a lvl70 BM Hunter w/ complete gladiator gear, as well as T6 raiding gear (also guildless at the moment) who’s hoping that there are some pinoys here at this realm. If so, and if you guys ever need any help, just look for me – KGBattousai. I’ll run you guys thru with any instances/dungeon. I’m already attuned with Kara and SSC and will be glad to help out.

    See you guys at Nathrezim Realm PVP! =)



    P.S. to those asking for Authentication Key: Please buy the game coz you wont get any authentication key that is free of charge. Plus you’ll be paying monthly subscription. So if you can’t afford buying the game, its high likelihood you’ll be able to afford the subscription (which is US$15.00).

  68. hey guys.

    long time wow player here from bonechewer…swerte ko dahil nung namimili ako ng server yung bonechewer yung pinakawalang laman hehehe….di ko lam magiging hotspot pala ng mga pinoys to.

    i was with tribo habagat noon pa tapos nag defiance tapos nag quit ako ng 2 years tapos signum vires tapos nagwatak watak na hahaha.

    question lang mga pogi. lagi kasi game card gamit ko maglaro (bumibili ako sa us noon) pero naubusan na ako eh. mahal yung sa dblitz bumili ako 1995 pala isa non pucha.

    sa mga poging gumagamit ng credit card dyan. pano nyo na setup. yung account ko kasi US address (gamit ko yung address na tinitirhan ko pag nasa US ako) kaso medyo di ako makakabalik this year and next year eh.

    lalagyan ko sana ng credit card ko sa pinas. problem lang yung billing address na nakalagay hard coded yung US na country. di ko tuloy malagyan. pano nyo na setup yung credit card nyo sa pinas to use sa US accounts?

  69. Hey man,

    Seems we all have the same problem with the credit card billing address. I’m having the same problem coz my credit card is from the Philippines. But I live in New Zealand now so its difficult. Game cards here in New Zealand went for sale at $45.00NZ, which is hovering at 1,436.96 PHP. I can’t believe how DataBlitz over-charge these days! Sobra naman sila! I mean 1,436.96 PHP is huge enough but Jesus Christ! 1,995.00?!

    How’s Bonechewer Realm these days? Question by the way: between Frostmourne (Oceanic server) and Bonechewer (US Server) which has the lowest latency so far? Anyone?



  70. i havent tried frostmourne yet but i average around 500ms in bonechewer. i do get bouts of 400ms and sometimes i get 200 ms in a newb zone questing my alts.

    i havent turned off nagle algo though which could probably slice another 50-100ms.

    a friend told me you could probably just put in your credit card number and forget about the address. weird though coz the site says its required but that technique worled for him. ill maybe try it when my card runs out (yeah i bought 1 for 1995). dblitz should burn for overcharging that much but hey they manage to sell them all, addiction is such a powerful force.

    im actually looking at starting an alliance character ive never been alliance before and ive never seen any of their cities besides IF since i played a dorf in beta (shortly coz i got bored lol).

    bad thing about starting though is that ill have 0 gold. I dont twink my alts but they always have access to all their skills and mounts coz my main can feed them the gold so they dont need to stop questing to make sure they got money.

    anyways, try the no address trick and see if it works for you. if anyone can share how they managed to tag their philippine CC for US WoW use it would be greatly appreciated.

  71. Sweet! I’ll try that one of these days.But probably after I consumed all of my game prepaid time (up until July next year! =) ). Can we start on a new blog? Something to do with everybody’s experience with WoW? Guild you guys on and lastly some well known pinoys who are doing fabulous with the game?

    Cheers and Happy New Year ALL! =)


  72. hay!!!! matagal pa bago ako makalaro nyan, 15 yrs old lang ako at wala pa kong trabaho…..ok sana kung meron d2 load nyan sa pinas kaso wala via internet ka pala mag lo-load kung pede lang gamitin ko ung credit card ng tatay ko gnawa ko nah eh kaso mabait akong bata heheh…….10yrs to come makaka pag laro narin ako nyan T_T………..nakaka ingit tlga kau pag pinapanood ko sa youtube yang WOW na filipino players…..

  73. bonechewer horde. biggest population of filipinos. we even had some alliance reroll to horde coz of it hehe.

    currently we have tribo habagat, unholy (now more for alts i guess), and onslaught. Not sure if there are anymore but those 3 are the ones im sure of.

    if you want to play alliance i think kiljaeden has a big pinoy group alliance side there. not sure though ask their forums.

  74. Update lang from Onslaught – Bonechewer

    We’ve already downed everything except Vashj and Kael. Hopefully with enough attempts on them we’ll be seeing MH and BT soon enough. /crossesfingers

    For those of thinking to transferring to Bonechewer, it has a huge pinoy population and sometimes the trade channel is in our native language filipino -_-

    That should give you an idea.

    @Quasidrix: thanks for the kind words.

    Kharnage – Blood Elf Rogue
    Onslaught – Bonechewer server

  75. So any news whether there’ll be a WoW pinoy boards anytime soon?

    It’ll be nice to meet the WoW pinoys since we’re scattered throughout the different servers.

  76. Ei Kharnage just spoke to you earlier hehe!

    My friend and I are currently in Wildhammer and we are looking for a good raiding guild that basically raids around the same hours as us.

    Any other guilds out there aside from Onslaught that is raiding?

  77. MGa tol!! Pede bang mag laro ng World of warcraft sa Philippines ung US retail??? may account na kasi ako dun ehh sayang naman mga toons ko ehhh!! Tsaka sis ko ung nag lalagay ng load (credit card sa USA)

  78. Guys, try to re-roll at Coilfang. Guild name – Katipunan. 450 members 90% filipino. Guild chat is in tagalog.

    Currently has three 25-man teams, and does Kz solely for badge farming (no idea how many groups but there are A LOT)

    PH grp 1 – BT/Hyjal
    PH grp 2 – SSC/TK
    US grp – BT/Hyjal

  79. anyone wanna trade cd keys? sino gusto maglaro sa europe server trade tau sa us serial mo.. europe kasi nabili ko e xD.. may lvl 70 character ka pang free ;))

    email me pls..

  80. hi Guys!

    I used to play WOW but i quit coz the monthly was just too much for me.

    I really want to go back to playing but i need a cheap prepaid card supplier.

    any idea where to get cards at like 1.3k pesos or less?

    ebay is one thing but i hope to have a local source.

    Much thanks =)

  81. Hey guys! I am selling my World of Warcraft account starting now because i dont have much time for it, i have been bz for college and if anyone is interested…I have a 70 druid in Arthas server with Blue and epic gear, i still have one season 1 gear which is epic, i also have lvl 53 Hunter and Lvl 45 Mage, Lvl 30 Shaman, the load still has 57 more days, you can meet me up in makati if u want to see my account, i am not telling anymore information here because i think you’ll be more convinced if u see it with ur own eyes,



  82. eu can be accessed anywhere. so if u get an eu account and your playing in pinas it will still work. i should know, i have 2 eu accounts and a US one and i can access it anywhere around the world.:)

  83. hello im kinda new in WOW, and i have a big question, that needs an answer. Pls help?
    well my cousin is going to send me a WOW along with it, is the burning crusade expansion for me to check it out. My question is, will this work. i mean i live in Rizal Phil. can i really play this at home. pls help?

  84. @ Jefferson Abraham

    I play in the mountains of Antipolo, Rizal. I’m using Smartbro(ken). And yet, I’m enjoying a nice 200ms-300ms (green – yellow) latency connection here. That’s already fast considering the fact that the server’s based on the US.

    Gratz to Onslaught for downing Archimonde. 5 more to Illidan. <3

  85. hmm rizal din ako sa Cainta using Pldt connection ok naman sya so far im in wildhammer server :)

  86. Update from Onslaught – Bonechewer

    Council in BT down. On to Illidan. WTB Warglaives.

  87. may u-upgrade ko ba yung trial account gamit yung burning crusade authentication key,
    kasi wala akong copya ng wow classic.

  88. hey guys…

    anyone interested in the new X-51 Nether Rocket mount for WOW? I have the card code…
    I’m selling it, by the way… if anyone’s interested, text/contact me at 09209060432

  89. bakit nga pala sinasabi niyong masmahal ang pre-paid card kaysa sa credit card ng di-hamak??? diba about 500 php lang naman ang differnce ng price nila???

  90. So, ganun pa rin ba ang price ng WoW Prepaid game cards? 2000php?

    At lahat ba ng DataBlitz ay may dala nun? Sa Megamall na lang sana ako mamimili ng WoW + TBC + My first 2 months worth of prepaid game cards para accessible.

    I’ll hopefully be starting out WoW this June 24th, pagbili ko ng bagong PC.

    Hope to see you guys there!

  91. i just quit playing WOW after sunwell patch. nkakamiss na haha… planning to change server.

    anyone wanna adopt me? hehe… Lvl 70 NE hunter with raiding experience (till tk and ssc) from Maelstrom server.

    you can check my armory named Mstress and can leave me a message too

    planning to play before wrath of lich king

  92. Yo can anyone tell me if u can actually play on a european server from the philippines???? I have my account jus waiting for my game to be sent over so i can install it here…

  93. Yep meron. Pero nagsi-alisan na kami nung February pa. Konti na kasi Pinoy Alliance-side. Lumipat na kami sa Kil’jaeden. Guild namin is Hut & Spicy sa KJ. Kung mag Bonechewer ka, go Horde. Marami Pinoy na Horde sa BC.

    I don’t know how things are right now though. Nagquit na kasi ako WoW a little over a month ago.

  94. Hi guys,

    I’m currently at Thaurissian realm, along with some 30 friends playing here sa cafe ko. Horde btw. Ilan ba lat/ms nyo sa Bonechewer realm? Active pa ba kayo in both raiding and pvp?

    Thinking about transfering to a better lat server if we can. 600ms kami eh..BG9 pa! but yeah..we still managed to get full season 3…kaso nga lang..talgang pahirapan. lol.

    I don’t mind transfering or rerolling to a new realm for a better Lat/Ms with some pinoys in it. hehe. Any good lat/ms realm for our country will do. Thanks again.

  95. hmmm, i’m afraid i can’t afford to play WoW yet. After i graduate college, perhaps? XD

  96. Ano bang server and may pinakamababang latency… I’m not even sure kung yung server ba ang may problem or yung ISP ko lang… 600-700ms ang latency ko tapos biglang nag-spike to 2300ms T_T. I’m from Stormreaver nga pala…

  97. Hi, some advice please.

    I plan on playing WOW after taking the bar this september. I was wondering how much the software with all the expansions would cost and how much it costs to play per month.

  98. hi,
    i bought the burning crusade game….but it didnt come with a authentication code

    is there any way i can get one for free?

    email me back pls (

  99. anyone who plays in EU servers here???
    im in the Uk and been playing wow for ages would be great to meet pinoys
    in the EU realms :)

    the real ones ha not the private servers.

  100. May naglalaro ba sa Khaz’goroth (Oceanic)? May mga pinoy dito pero naghahanap pa kami ng mas marami para makapag raid bago mag expansion.

  101. hi does anybody know where to buy the game wow here in philippines?i mean exact location and priece. i was wondering about it because i might buy the game but im asking a friend to buy it in hong kong so if somebody can help me where to buy the game here in philippines,that would be me at

  102. hi guys, new to WOW. I don’t have the WOW classic game. Do i still need it to play? or I can just get burning crusadE? btw, i just created a 10-day free trial account. thanks guys.

  103. WTS 5000g Aggramar (Realm) Alliance ( Faction )
    Available only to pinoy gamers here in the philippines :)
    Manila Area
    Contact : 09065051524

  104. hey
    anybody knows where to buy prepaid EU cards in Philippines?

    Stormscale EU alliance
    Stormreaver EU horde

  105. Nice!! meron din plang mga pinoy na nag lalaru nang world of warcraft na official server :D

    meron nga pala akong lvl 70 character sa server Eitrigg Justfry yung name nya warrior sya :)

  106. Me and my brother are planning to play WoW some time this year or next year… can anybody please tell me what server has loads of pinoys playing… Thanks a lot! oh and what server has good lat.. thanks again! ^_^

  107. Im willing to buy an account with any level 70 character (preferably in bonechewer server) as a gift to my nephew. Please let me know if anyone knows anyone who would be interested in selling their account.



  108. Realm: Blades Edge kakasimula ko palang… add nyo ako kung dito din kayo…

    account: wowpinoy

  109. ULOL sa mga nanghihinga ng authentication key, bumili kau mga ungas, authentication key is unique to one account, so buy ur own shit,

  110. US Server Zundrak Realm ako … name ko Yuniro Warrior lvl 70 palang…kaka 70 ko palang hope sali kau sa guild namin kung nasa Zundrak kau visit sa website namin

  111. US Server: Coilfang Realm: Main Character:Elemental,5/5 of Valorous / Tier 7.5 To all Pinoy’s player at Coilfang server,lemme know if u guys see me don’t be shy to ask me some question if u guys need sumthing,i’m willing to help all my fellow Filipino Player played dis game…..See u guys End game

  112. Hello guys, Sentinels ( Alliance guild ) in Blackwing Lair are looking for mature gamers level 70 and up from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We will be setting up our raiding time to asean timezone and are currently gearing towards end game instances. Please pm retaliator from 8:00pm to 11:00 pm Philippine/Singapore/Malaysian timezone if you are interested in joining.

  113. Guys, ano latency nyo sa WoW? ako 240ms gamit PLDT myDSL. Ano rin ISP niyo? May kaunting delay ako sa server dito sa Jubei Thos

  114. using SMARTBRO and latency peaks at 600ms on a bad day. Using wowtunnels ( so nag improve latency ko at 240ms-300ms even on peak hours.

    Quasidrix- lvl 80 Death Knight – Blackrock US

  115. any know how to pay wow accounts game time thru credit card dito sa pinas? i tried it without putting a billing address but it wont accept. can we put any billing address? any one?

  116. Guys I’m selling my 60-day World of Warcraft Game Time Card. W/ Item Catalog included. I’m selling it for 1,500 pesos. Mas preferred kapag sa South nakatira. Text me. 09163324962

  117. Ei meron ba mga pinoy sa Kil’ jaeden na realm hehehe kami lng ng utol ko lagi magkasama hehehehe.. add me up kung meron man Bethrazzen 60 na paladin

  118. Any Filipino/Asian Alliance players in Bloodhoof? Send me an in game mail – Jarvisius 80 warlock. have a good group now and looking to do 25mans in the future.

  119. /2 WTBuying prepaid card as low on P1500 kung ngbe2nta ng card call me at this n#09104581287 we are US server!!! kung pvp server ang gusto mo. sa pinoy guild name kapangyarihan Korgath server… kung gusto mo nmn pve pinoy guild name Bisdak ^_^ Kul Tiras server alliance character!!!

  120. Mga Pinoy Rivendare US realm nalang kayo gumawa Alliance side masaya dun.^^ pm nyo lang ako Leviathus or Ghalleon

  121. I was just thinking of playing WoW, Should I buy the game or is it possible you can play by downloading a free WoW installation program?.. Cause I already have WoW(which I just downloaded) and I play on private server.. So should I buy the real wow or Ill just stick with this? And if I do buy retail how much would it cost on pesos?

  122. sa mga nanghihingi ng authentication key: bumili kayo! un cd key na ginagamit namin ay para sa account lang namin at kung gamit n un, hindi na pewede gamitin ng iba. hindi ito tulad nang nakikita nyong game sa tabi2x na pwede at madaling ihack. at kung mahack nyo man, do you think one of the biggest gaming industry would tolerate your actions kahit nasa pinas kayo? goodluck! hindi mo na kailangan ng cd key para subukan ang game ng 10 days(trial). kung nagustuhan niyo, e d iupgrade nyo, every penny you spend on this game is worth it. mastercard pwede gamitin(19Dollars) kahit philippine-based un add or buy the battlechest fot 2600+(classic and tbc WITH 1 month free)

  123. Ako nasa US server crashridge lvl 20 pa lang end na trial ko san ba meron load sa philippines nasa cebu me. Ang WOW ba ay hindi kasali ng Ultimate game card na mabili sa Load Central.. sana meron din noypi sa crashridge add nyo ko Anipsejomyat

  124. try mong maghanap ng datablitz sa mga malls jan sa cebu makakabili ka ng game card dun.. kung wala ka cc

  125. lipat ka nlng sa mga server n to for tips sa mga pinoy guild on US server alliance server PVE Bisdak kul tiras server… pvp ally kapangyarihan corgath server. kung horde trip someguild archimonde server!!!!

  126. Kung naghahanap kayo ng PVP horde pinoy guild dito na kayo sa Lightnings blade..Kahit alt lang pwede na basta pinoy pasok. Konti lang kami kasi gusto namin all pinoy guild para astig..Barkada pangalan nung Guild add nyo si Kelathath.

  127. hoi mga kababayan! dami pala tayo nglalaro ng wow…lol… meron ba pinoy sa BWL realm? pst lng nyo ako… -paixlock

  128. hi mga kababayan ko ang dame pla ntin playing wow hehehe sana add nyo nnmn ako and pst nyo ko magkaisa tyo paramihin ang pinoy sa wow!!!
    add nyo ko kung cnu man ang nsa US realm Aman’Thul Allience add nyo ko warriordeath lvl 80 and nhicolas lvl 75, kitakits sa WOW.

  129. hi baka meron intrested Bilin ang account ko sa world of warcraft need money badly kc or swap for any electronic device..

    wala nayung cd but yung account kompleto

    hint question/security question:

    lvl 70+ na meron gold at decent na gamit..

    kung intrested kayo just leave a reply here and contact numbers ty..

  130. Mag tol , Original na WoW ba kailangan d2, or pwede pirated? saka pano ba payment dito sa pinas? saka andito na ba ung Wrath of the Lich king? salamat.

  131. Hi guys….
    nice to meet you all…
    Anyone know where i can buy the keys wow delevery method with email address and paymend method with visa or credit card please..!!!
    if u have info please send email to :
    Thanks all .. ^.^

  132. Realm: Rexxar(US)
    Race: Alliance
    Character Name: Emmanuel(Lvl 80 Mage), Micka(Lvl 70 Priest)
    Note: Lagi akong open


  133. Exclusive Pilipino Guild <>> [Bisdak (bisaya kadako) group kul tiras server vs KATIPUNERO Trollbane server ] the biggest guild pve in US server pinoy group and clan of the alliance.. this guild are doing toc25 normal,voa25. onyxia25 and meron din group every wik for 10 toc, voa 10 and onyxia 10 join na

  134. mga tol panu b yan penge naman aq accnt sa WOW plzzzzzzz…. na DL q nah pero wala naman me acct kasi pag register kelangan p ung zip code ng US eh!!! pne acct plzzzz… ung mga ndi nio n ginagamit n acct lng kelangan q lng kc eh gus2 q lng i2 laruin kung magada tlga thnx poe sa magbibigay….

  135. Hi,everyone, I am new comer from other country, Can you tell me where can I buy the client CD or download it online,please kindly at me that in English,because I don’t understand Tagalog,thank you! o(?_?)o…

  136. If you’re new @ Philippines and want to play World of Warcraft.

    Buy your Copies @ Datablitz. Trusted Store for Original Copies of PC Games and Console Games.

    – World of Warcraft Battlechest (Php 2300~2400) (Includes Vanilla and TBC) w/ free 1 month
    – WOFTLK (Php 2300~2400)
    – Game Card (2month (Php 1600~1800)

    Sorry for di – exact ung prices, kaso im sure sa price range na yan.

    Thats it.

    Datablitz Store (that i knew of … )
    – Parksquare 2 (Makati – Ayala)
    – SM Davao (Davao City)
    – SM Megamall (Mandaluyong)
    – Mall of Asia (Roxas Boulevard – Pasay City)
    – Trinoma (North Edsa)

    DoN’t Beg for authentication code, buy a goddamn copy of yours.

    If you need help ingame look for ………………..

  137. guys if gusto nyo mag.WoW ito po need nnyo

    Battle Chest: 2,200.00
    WotLK: 2,200.00
    60 Day Game Time: 1,200.00(600 per mo)

    txt me kung gusto nyo mg.order 09266903925. sealed po lahat ng products and fresh po galing US.

  138. dami palang pinoy sa retail, pagnakaluwag maglalaro din ako sa retail sa private server kasi ako sa bloodcraft best mage ako dun best 1v1 or duel pero ndi sa 2v2 arena bano kasi partner ko, pero best 3v3 arena team ako MRP

  139. meron bang mga pinoy sa players BLACKHAND US SERVER?sana magkita kita tau dun para talunin natin ung mga hordes at mga alliance us me MASTINOX LVL80 DK.

  140. Naghahanap ako ng pinoy guild sa kahit anong server, as of now, nasa Gilneas ako, and isang pinoy lng kilala ko dun.

    Dafydd ang character name ko, 5.9k gs Rogue.

  141. guys nasa nesingwary server ako.. sana magkikita tayo.. plano tayo then laro tayo sa isang server lang.. wengkies ang char ko kaka lvl 80 ko lang, hopefully makapaglaro tayo isang server lang..

  142. Nasabi … lol … iniba name ko. it should be Wasabi.

    Btw, im from Llane server. Masyado spread out ang population ng wow pinoy players.

    Hoping meron Pinoy Retail Server d2 sa pinas para less lag. Gusto ko din mag – arena. Har Har Har

  143. anung server ba mdaming pinoy?? or may pinoy guild?? hope 4 reply!!
    im in drak thul server for now..

  144. oi bryan punta ka sa twisting nether horde side kami marami na kami dun…if mka punta ka pm mo lang tong mga name na to


  145. Newbie po.. May question lang, un bang 10-day free trial after 10 days, d mo na magagamit so you need buy a battle chest na pag nagexpire na ung trial period?

  146. level 48 alliance warlock sa Shattered hall server…. Mudbubbles.. interested in joining a guild.. or di kaya makakilala ng kapwa pinoy wow player!

  147. Katipunero(A) sa Trollbane naghahanap pa ng mga pinoy na gustong makasa kapwa pinoy sa paglalaro ng WoW.bisitahin nyo ang server namin at mag pst lang s kahit sinong member ng katipunero para kayo ay matulungan masaya at kwela ang mga naglalaro dun.

  148. hello to all filipino wow players.sup guys?
    may filipino alliance or horde guiild ba kayong alam sa EST US SERVER?
    HAPPY gaming out there =)

  149. guys .. pde magtanong .. panu i download tong wow philippines?? gus2ng gus2 q tong laruin ee .. galing aqung neverendless ng wow .. marunong lng ng unti

  150. walang kwenta.. 3 n lvl 85 ko at full ruthless elite pvp gear ako.  2200 rating ako going to gladiator title… wooooh

  151. For newbie players. Tell me kung gusto nyo mag start maglaro… I’ll send an invite to your email address for recruit a friend. I will also give you a discount on the keys to play the original and the expansions. Need to get ready for the incoming patch Mist of Pandaria.

  152. bihira to mahirap makakita na may WoW sa isang cafe. Most cafe na nakita ko is mostly local MMO.

    Datablitz (the price may vary)
    Battlechest = 1.7k
    WotLK = 1.3k
    Cataclysm = 1.3k

    Gametime Card (2months) = 1.3k

    Before you bought this game, make sure you have a good dsl connection para sulit.

    BTW, there’s no WoW Philippines Server. If meron most likely a Private Server.

    If you want to know more about what server ang mga pinoy, head to FB Page “World of Warcraft Philippines”

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