Final Fantasy XII/12: Best Final Fantasy ever?


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So Final Fantasy XII for the Playstation 2 is here, is it worth the wait? I would say: definitely a must buy for any console RPG fan. It doesnt get better than this.

I admit i was a bit apprehensive when they handed the venerable series over to the “younger” guys at Square but they created what is probably the best RPG and last great game on the PS2. I have always considered the 6th Final Fantasy as the best one of the bunch but now it needs to welcome the 12th close to the top. It still doesnt take top spot since i havent played it for a bazillion hours like i did FF6 but soon that will change as well.

ff12e.jpg ff12f.jpg

Both the 6th and the 12th games in the main FF line have Warfare as the focal point of their story. The 6th had the war between Magic and Technology while FF12 tells the story of a similar nature albeit under different circumstances. FF6 relied on cartoony sprites to tell the story on the snes while the ps2 version boasts the cinematic wizardry that Square has developed throughout the years.

ff12a.jpg ff12b.jpg

The new character Gambit AI system works well enough, you can automate your partymates to some degree. Useful as you dont need to tell them to drink a potion when their health is low. Too much AI management can be a laborous affair though. Dont rely on the Gambit system to create Terminator style party mates but instead use it to automate some tasks such as healing and whatnot.

Character models and Animations are among the best i have seen among PS2 games. The developers literally used almost every processing power the PS2 has left. Plus The Art design is gorgeous, with beautiful and varied locations and monsters.

The Cinematics are a sight to behold. With cinematics like these, i wouldnt mind if i spent hours just watching them. But thankfully we still have the option to skip them if we so desire. The voice acting wasnt too shabby either. In still hate those Esper FMV’s though.

ff12c.jpg ff12d.jpg

One feature i was surprised on was the roaming of rather high level monsters or Hunts in low level areas. I mean there i was battling out with low level wolves when this HUGE tyrannosuarus type creature comes charging from nowhere. I found out later that those monsters were part of the Hunt line of quests where you defeat special monsters in order to increase your rank and status in the Hunter Guild. You will need to powerlevel a bit though to be able to complete these optional tasks. But for those who do take the time and the effort to tackle them are rewarded with powerful items and abilities. Dont worry the battle system is one of the game’ strongest points so fighting over and over doesnt feel like crap.

So here i am at the end of FF12 and thoroughly satisfied. Whats up next for this FF veteran (yeah, finished ALL main FF’s except FFXI doh.Thank god for translated ****)?

Cost: 2950 pesotes over at Datablitz.

Final Fantasy XIII and its futururistic babe warrior. w00t. I leave you with some high def images of Final Fantasy 13 for the PS3.

ff13a.jpg ff13b.jpg

ff13c.jpg ff13d.jpg

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    san niu po d2 sa pilipinas nbili yung final fantasy xii. and how much??

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