WoW fanboys pick apart South Park

from kotaku:

Apparently the South Park episode that featured World of Warcraft is being dissected by the l33t players of the game, heres what thye have to say:

“He [Randy] incorrectly suggests that he is a hunter.”

“Cartman’s character is the main tank and wields an Unyielding Maul. He is the leader of the boys’ group and is always the last killed. His armor color is the same as his jacket. He is a warrior, but when you see his actionbar, it looks like a Rogues actionbar (It has Eviscrate and Stealth).”

“Trailers for this episode show Stan and Kyle in what appears to be the Undercity, right after Kenny is killed. In the airing of the show, they were in Goldshire.”

“This guy’s character is shirtless and wears a helmet, boots and gloves. EDIT: He is seen casting Fire Blast and Arcane Explosion in Westfall (mage only spells). However, summoning scorpions is not possible with a Mage

Ohhhkkkayyyy! Ive got better things to do like perhaps read some real estate news than bicker around with people if that was really a +2 effect or a +1 effect….

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  1. More than ever …I like Sandara Park she’s very good in acting specialy drama.Wala pang pwedeng itapat kay Sandy sige nga mag-sabi nga kayo ng kong sino man sa mga kasabayan niya o kahit pa sa kung saan nanalong kaparis niya na nagkaroon ng doble platinum at block buster na pelikula niya at sangkaterbang commercials.Ang lahat ng iyan ay napag-daanan na ni Sandy.At alam ko magiging isang Nora Aunor o Vilma Santos iyan soon.More Power to you and to Sandy. God Bless…

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