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NBA Live 2007 sports new addtions and improvements over last year’s version. Unfortunately, even if EA has made strides from last year, it seems like there is something missing from the Live series. Sure it has Dynasty Mode, Slam Dunk competition, spot on player faces and moves but theres something about the game that doesnt make it as fun as NBA 2k7. I played EA sports titles since the EA VS games on the nes/genesis and for some reason EA has slipped tremendously the last couple of years. That’s not to say that NBA Live 07 is a BAD game, its not. Its just not as fun anymore. It does look absolutely gorgeous though, and its AI is a step better than 2k’s.

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nbalive07 2006-10-02 08-47-31-17.jpg nbalive07 2006-10-02 09-17-06-20.jpg nbalive07 2006-10-02 08-45-32-43.jpg

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2 thoughts on “NBA Live 07

  1. I’ve lost my respect for the NBA Live franchise when they decided to put in that asinine Superstar feature.

    The game has also evolved to a brainless sprinting match between two teams. Never mind the sliders. The Superstar feature throttles the game’s pace and permanently unbalances the whole scheme.

    The Live series has been touted as a “basketball sim,” but it feels nothing like it. It has now evolved into a brainless arcade game with playcalling features.

    God help us all.

  2. mike – I havent seen the new nba live… what do you mean by superstar features?

    Admin says – Superstar Freestyle controls has been in NBA Live since last year

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