Capcom shuts down Okami Developer


While browsing through some real estate news and gaming news; i stumbled upon this from Kotaku: “As of today, the studio behind Viewtiful Joe, Okami and God Hand is no more. Clover Studio was shuttered by main shareholder Capcom. At a Board of Directors’ meeting was held, and it was decided that Clover should dissolved. The reason? According to the Capcom IR release:”

Clover Studio Co., Ltd. has met the goal of developing unique and creative original home video game software, however, in view of promoting a business strategy that concentrates management resources on a selected business to enhance the efficiency of the development power of the entire Capcom group, the dissolution of Clover Studio Co., Ltd. has been raised and passed at a Board of Directors’ meeting.

Clover is from the abbreviated “Creativity Lover” phrase.

Author: Kiven
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1 thought on “Capcom shuts down Okami Developer

  1. Harsh…seriously! And Okami will likely be a contender for Game of the Year (or at least the most original/creative)…lets hope they reform somewhere else. Hell, Sony would be wise to buy them up!

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