Typhoon Milenyo hits Metro Manila


I had a tree crash down on me. Literally.

Tree. branches. leaves. some lighting paraphernalia. probably some wires. I was riding a pedicab to get home and the damned tree decided it was time for it to go down. BOOM. had some bruises, but generally im ok. I think the pedicab driver had a concussion of sorts lol. We were swearing 10 mins after the incident. P%#&^#inang puno yan, hayuf sa timing.

That does not include another tree that almost hit the bus i was riding before the pedicab incident. Talk about Bad luck. Baka bawiin sa Adsense revenue lol.

At least hinde Billboard sa Edsa ang bumagsak sa akin, potah. Kawawa naman ung FX driver na namatay.

No DSL. No electricity for almost 36 hours. It wasnt too bad. Everybody in the neighborhood was outside and my dad quipped it was like the 50s as everyone was talking outside instead of watching tv or surfing for Cass Ponti in Maxim.

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