TNA signs Kurt Angle!!!!!



After the Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarrett in the main event, Jim Cornette came out and showed a pre-recorded video package – showing Kurt Angle working out in a TNA ring! That’s right – TNA’s Major Announcement is that they have signed Olympic Gold Medalist, KURT ANGLE. Jarrett looked stunned in the ring as fans chant “Angle, Angle” as the PPV ended. TNA’s official website currently features a graphic of Kurt Angle that reads “OUR RING HAS SIX SIDES … But Only One ANGLE”.

Angle was reportedly released by the WWE after Angle’s request. It was said that Angle wanted to recuperate and rest his body….and now this?

Author: Kiven
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1 thought on “TNA signs Kurt Angle!!!!!

  1. Kurt Angle i just want to say you’ve inspired me to do so much and i thank you for performing in the wwf/wwe/ecw and now TNA you rock i can see why you like TNA because it was a new brand for you and you and you can prove that you cna win championships in the wwe every body that you sucked honestly i hundreds of fans love you they just say that because it sounds good with the music but your’r the greatest athelete in the history of the wwe and tna Kurt please come back to the wwe we miss you i just want to finish this year in tna and then come back man your the greatest of all time and we didn’t forget kurt the only olmpic gold medalist in wwe history PLEASE COME BACK!! you’r ##########1fan Michael Harris

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