WoW TCG: Priest Hero

Weve seen the Mage(Tazo) and Warrior(Warrax) Hero in previous previews and now UDE has presented the next Hero class: Priests.

Complete Card info after the jump:

“Some people can’t quite figure out what they want to do, so they pick a more hybrid class like druid, shaman, or paladin. And then there are those dedicated to keeping the rest of the players alive. They spend their fights staring at little green bars making sure that none of them get too low. Without them, no party is complete. They’re the most dedicated healers in the game and they do their job well. They’re the priests.”


OMG. While priests are easy picking in the early game, will they be as powerful in the TCG in the late game? Or as annoying to Kill? *Mind Control*. Magic The Gathering’s color Blue immediately comes to mind….

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