World Of Warcraft TCG First Public Demo at GenCon

The Official WoW TCG Site blogs:

I am impatiently awaiting the opening of the main doors for the exposition hall here at Gen Con. I’ve heard that the UDE section of the hall is right next to Blizzard’s. Ugh! This may be the hardest day of work I’ve ever put in. How am I supposed to concentrate when level 60+ characters lie in wait only 20 feet away? Oh well, now it’s time to test my resolve. The doors are opening right now and the deluge of people has started the mass pilgrimage into the heart of all things game. Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you posted about my adventures in the World of Warcraft!

Horde Decks = Burn Decks that just destroy, destroy, destroy. It can deal with meddlesome enemy items as well as canceling alliance abilities. Alliance Decks = Combat Decks with evasive abilities. Arghh..i cant stand it, show me the LOOT cards already!

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