How World of Warcraft can bring old allies together

I just jumping aimlessly through a cavern in northern Azeroth, about a hundred feet into the ground, when suddenly this small purple notification message on the bottom left side of the screen put a smile on my face.

It read: “Hey, Welcome back”

The nick wasnt on my friends list, so i figured he was an alt of one of those who were or one of those guys i had the opportunity to Molten Core Runs back in the day. And i was right, this was the guy who many of the Horde felt was the best PVP’er back in the day. Although he wasnt in his warrior persona (He’s a druid now BTW), he and i talked about how the old (Feathermoon) server was holding up with a lot of new faces around, some personal things that happened in 1+ years since we both were on the same raids together and then he asked me to join a guild he was in. At least some of the original Horde bunch are still around Feathermoon. The Guild’s name is Claws of the Feral, not quite as spiffy as Low Red Moon or Hand of the Forsaken (old server guilds) but am just glad to be part of a guild again.

Author: Kiven
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