Pacquiao vs Larios and why id rather watch Penalosa fight again.

If i see another commercial for solmux, magic sing, mcdonalds, ion etc im gonna puke. Manny having sponsor logos on his trunks? Ugh. Parang kotse tuloy si manny sa need for speed. And did you see that Mcdo hat during the post fight interview? Double ugh. Im just glad he wasnt eating a Crispy Chicken Mcdo while talking. Seriously, name a boxer in the whole wide world that sings his latest single and does a workout at the same venue? Can you imagine Barrera/Morales singing “Que sera sera” during their workouts? Triple Ugh.

Sure Manny was convincing vs Larios but he didnt take it seriously.His postfight comments on the showbiz show The Buzz range from something like “I wasnt hit that bad” to “I was toying with Larios for the enjoyment of my countrymen”. Seriously, if he fights like that against Morales then im betting on the other side. Try freeze framing round 3 and youll see how much dazed Pacman got when Larios got him with his right. Arrogance. He even had some showboating moves while in the ring. Seriously. This from a guy who holds a division championship normally fought over by boxers ranked 11th and above. BTW Pacquiao is 2nd while Larios is 5th. Beat Barrera or Morales for the real championship belt and maybe i can take some of those showboating moves. I want the old Manny back….

Gerry Penalosa. Now his fight was more exciting to watch imho. Here is an olympian trying to get back to the sport he loves against a gangly youngster with overgrown/overactive hair. Compare his stance against Pacquiao’s. He was way shorter and his arm reach was also inferior but he was able to outbox his opponent. Not much commercials, no sponsor stickers on his trunks. Just good old boxing.

Now who wants a Chicken Mcdo for Lunch?

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