Gamesmaster is closing?


Is Gamesmaster Magazine Philippines closing? via ABuggedLife.

I know i write for a competing magazine (e.g Game! Magazine) but i do occasionally buy a copy of Gamesmaster. I dont think the mag is teh best out there, but its interesting to see what stuff they have about gaming since im a gaming nut.

Bos Jayvee points out that:

1. Console gaming industry in the Philippines is zilch because of piracy.
2. Games Master is a foreign franchise. You would need to have very good circulation and advertising revenue to maintain the monthly cost of the franchise alone.
3. The gaming market in the Philippines is focused on online stuff because that’s where the money is at.
4. Could they be coming up with another magazine because Summit didn’t renew the contract with Games Master UK?

Ill say one thing: Lack of competition breeds crappiness. Look at the WWE today. Compare that with the attitude era. Stone Cold. The Rock. DX. Those were good times. Maybe they will bring out their own Local Brand of Gaming Magazine. Less royalty to pay. Though brand recognition is lost. Deal or No Deal? Guess we’ll see in the next couple of months…..

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