Supercard MiniSD and Superpass2 SE Review


What is Supercard?
SuperCard is an adapter for generic Compact Flash or Secure Digital cards. It copies GBA ROM files to onboard RAM and executes them from there. NDS roms can be patched to run from RAM or stream directly from the CF/SD. In other words, it’s a flash memory based solution to run Homebrew (and illegally, commercial) GBA roms. It currently comes in 3 flavors: Compact Flash, SD, and MiniSD. A microSD version is rumored to be in the works.

What is Superpass2 SE?
Superpass allows DS roms to run off the Supercard. It basically needs an original DS cart and emulates its signature to allow unsigned/homebrew/dumped code to run on the DS hardware.

Build Quality
While the Supercard looks and feels like a regular GBA cart, it does seem a little bit fragile. For some reason, i cant shake the feeling that the Supercard is less durable than your regular GBA cart. The Superpass, on the other hand, looks and feels cheap. Its like they has some leftover plastic and decided to build the thing with those. The Superpass has a small switch for reprogramming,its so tiny and thin that in previous versions there have been cases of the switch being snapped right off.

Homebrew apps like Moonshell (Multimedia App) and DSOrganize (Organizer App) run flawlessly on the Supercard although they have been reports of the Supercard having trouble running commercial GBA roms. For more info about DS rom and GBA compatibility check out these links:

DS Compatibility:

GBA Compatibility:


Supercard Home:

Price: Approx: Supercard $40.00 Superpass2 SE $20.00
Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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