NFL Head Coach

nfl head coach

Fancy yourself coaching an NFL football team?

NFL Head Coach from EA (!) does exactly that, you’re in charge and its your job to build a winning team. This is not a game for those not willing to delve into the depths of coaching a professional football team. You will be in charge of roster/personnel decisions, offensive and defensive plays, player development and scouting and managing the team owner’s expectations about the team. I love my Madden as much as the next guy but this is may be too indepth for the casual football fan. The graphics are basic in terms of the latest Madden but light years in terms of sports management sims. Passable voice acting is also included.

All in all, NFL Head Coach is geared toward the hardcore football management fan. For the rest of us, at least the next iteration of Madden is just around the corner.

Author: Kiven
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  1. Hi everyone.
    I have seen many different commercials for the NFL that showed a single player in action with a glow aroound him. I would like to do something similar to
    this but I dont know if they mask frame by frame or if they use some other method to mask the player. The initial backgrounds were multicolored and complex
    in most of the footage used so I they could not use a simple green key. Anyone know of how they do these effects?Thanks.

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