NBA Finals 2006: Miami in 6

If you ask the so called “experts” in basketball, most of them think the Dallas Mavericks will win the nba championship this season. A team that was once called the ‘Allas Mavericks (because they had no D) is being picked over a Heat team that has overcome personnel changes and regular season problems to reach the finals.

Sure, Dallas has Nowitzki. But the Heat has Shaq and Wade.

Sure, Dallas has a tough coach, But toughness only begins to describe Slick aka Pat Riley. Remember this is a guy who almost had his pants ripped off in that New York melee a couple of years ago.

Sure, Dallas beat Miami 2-0 in the regular season. But youre a n00b if you think that regular season stats matter in the NBA playoffs.

Sure, the Mavs want to win one. But how do you compare their hunger to those of Antoine Walker, Gary Payton, and Zo? ESPN even says Zo and Payton have the top two scowls in the game of basketball. The Heat will definitely scratch and claw for this one.
These so called experts now sing Nowitzki’s praises to the heavens, even mentioning him in the same sentence as Larry Legend himself: Larry Bird. Of course, this comparison holds as much water as comparing Kobe to Michael Jordan (dont even get me started on this) but admittedly it is a fairly effective way of increasing a player’s reputation.

Nowitzki is nowhere near Larry Bird. One spectacular season doesnt equal greatness.He may get near that goal in a few years but at present it is just marketing smharketing.
Miami in 6.

Author: Kiven
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