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m|PH, which stands for Mobile Philippines, is a monthly technology publication geared towards the Filipino who is always on the go.Literally the largest technology magazine in the Philippines, the editors of m|PH celebrate 2006 as the publication’s third year in the market. At the heart and soul of the magazine are the editors and writers who are adept in making technology fun and understandable for the average Filipino.

What differentiates m|PH from other tech magazines?

First. Unlike other tech mags, m|PH focuses on purely mobile technology – if you can put it in your pocket or bring it around in your bag, then it’s mobile.

Second. m|PH is more than a gadget catalogue. It is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on the people who make their gadgets work for them. m|PH is the true source of credible industry news, tech movers and shakers, device primers, and how to’s.

Third. All our device reviews are written by Filipinos who subject review units to the everyday conditions of local climate, commute, affordability and other practical considerations. That way, m|PH has gained the empathy of its readers for three years now.

Author: Kiven
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