Lag, Cellphones and Old Links


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Lag is the enemy. at least in online games. Its more an issue when playing twitch games in that one packet delay can mean a missed basket or a shotgun blast up your lagging ass.


I was introduced to the web wayy back in 1996. Back then, IE was king and scrolling text were in vogue. I used to access the net through the Engineering Library in UP Diliman, patiently waiting for pages to load but excited to be able to browse sites such as yahoo and excite. I did a lot of pages back then, mostly centering on what things i were into at the time. I even got paid and won awards for some of them like back to back runnerups at the UP Diliman Webmaster Challenge hosted by UP Compsoc. That was circa 2000-2001if i remember correctly.


I guess i get bit nostalgic when i see my old pages still online after all these years, so in line with my nostalgia, ill share some links with you; just dont laugh. hehe

Author: Kiven
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