Kobe 100 points?

NBA.com posted this a few days ago, although i just read it yesterday:
“When Kobe Bryant’s having made history, scoring an incredible 81 points versus the Raptors on Sunday, it was the type of thing you’d only imagine happening in a video game. Now we’d like to see if you can top the second-highest point total in NBA history in just that.Here’s how it works: Play the NBA simulation title of your choice (NBA Live ’06, NBA 2K6 or NBA 06) on the PC or console of your choice your (Xbox, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2), and try to score as many points with Bryant.
The length of quarters should be no longer than eight minutes and the difficulty level should be one level above the easiest.”

I missed it by a few hours but here’s what i got:

Highest Difficulty Setting,Home Game,8mins
My team rating 71, Opponent 86 (Tim Duncan and Richard Jefferson, Season Game
Kobe 100 pts, 47 fg%,36 3fg%. With Rjeff all over him.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

im sure some other players got more with better efficiency at shooting, although the nba link to the scores are invalid for the moment.

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