EGM Philippines Review Crew Spot GET!

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Oh well, Santa got me a good present in the form of being accepted as one of the guys who will be doing some reviews for the upcoming Electronic Gaming Monthly – Philippines Magazine. Watch out for the first issue on February 2006. I wish that we get some DOA4 action on the Xbox360 soon.

register for the forums: <--- no longer working Check out instead.
EDIT: EGM Philippines is actually Game! Magazine now. Published by HIP, same guys who do The Reviewer, PC Mag Philippines, MPH, Golf Digest PH/Swing and Burn.

Author: Kiven
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4 thoughts on “EGM Philippines Review Crew Spot GET!

  1. cool! congratulations kiven :)

    thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you one of these days at the egm office :)


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