World of Warcraft: The Return

Im just waiting for my own personal account to be reactivated although ive been tinkering with Ramil’s former account. Not bad since i get to play his Level 60 Shaman.But damn if i dont miss my own level 60 Orc Hunter and his insanely cool(pun intended) frostsaber pet, not to mention my hoard of gold amassed through (both?) the auction houses and painstaking farm..errr grinding.

Word is much has been improved with hunter’s since i left WoW 5 months ago, pets tank more and i even see mages whining about how pets literally tear them to shreds due to improvements. Ha!

Im thinking of moving into the Pet mastery more although i do like to hit hard using my Hurricane (can i still sell this thing for like 800g?).I still have lots of uber loot stashed in my bank as well, might be a good time to sell em off since Feathermoon seems to be full all the time meaning more potential buyers.bwahahahha.

Author: Kiven
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