Games: PS2 Makai Kingdom: Mini Review

Makai Kingdom is the latest of Nippon Ichi’s hardcore strategy rpgs. It tells the story of Lord Zetta, an overly egotistical Overlord attempting to regain his netherworld back after failing to halt its prophesized downfall by Pram The Oracle, another Overlord.

This latest iteration of the same strategy rpg/leveling formula, employed in such titles as Disgaea and Phantom Brave, is back and better than ever; Even though it features the “gridless” movement system and invite system of Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom also brings back the Reincarnation and item world feature of Disgaea and also adds a new strategy element to the mix in the form of summoning or “inviting” buildings into battle which gives boost to characters housed within.

The voice acting in English is the best i have heard (no need to switch to Jap unless youre really hardcore into jap voice acting) and the story and characters are hilarious. Nippon Ichi doesnt break new ground with Makai Kingdom (known as Phantom Kingdom in the US) but for the hardcore srpg crowd, this is a must have title.

I just wish that Nippon Ichi earns a lot of $$$$ so that it could start building other franchises and maybe redefine a genre the way they did with Disgaea: HOD.

edit aug 4, 2005:
Just finished the game last night.
highest char was lvl 85 (twice reincarnated/transmigrated) with some level 50’s

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