Games: Gamecube,Gameboy,GameOn!

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Voila! Kiven’s Bday items:

  • Gamecube Indigo Unit and Controller
  • Black GBA SP
  • Wavebird Wireless Controller
  • 256Mb Flash Cart
  • 251 and 59 block Memory Cards
  • Animal Crossing
  • Paper Mario
  • Zelda WindWaker
  • Metroid Prime
  • Super Mario Sunshine

Pahinga ka muna PS2.hehe.
Oh and i wasnt even aware of Joey Alarilla’s @Play column sa site linking to this blog until i saw the incoming traffic reports, (April 9, 2005 pa ito hehe):

Currently im not playing as much World of Warcraft and Guild Wars as i used too; add to the fact pag dumating Civilization 4 at The mOvies ill have much less time to play online. Tsk dami ko pa naipon na gold/items sa WoW.

Author: Kiven
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  1. sino ba nakakaalam sa inyo kung saan my nabibiling nintendo gamecube games na pirated at kung san rin pwede magpaconvert ng gamecube…….

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