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I had an interesting adventure through the Troll city of Zul’Farrak in Tanaris yesterday. I was in the company of 3 shamans and a Warrior, giving the party less crowd control than with a mage or a warlock. It was great being asked to be part of a group that didnt think differently of us Hunters. You see, Hunters have developed a bad reputation due to a couple of issues 1) some say we cant PULL (re: aggro a mob toward the party) properly. 2) Pets tend to aggro everything it passes especially when set to aggressive mode, prompting partymates to tell the Hunter to dismiss the Pet or set it to passive .

Typically Hunters would propose to be the main puller of the group but i dont follow this norm. Even if Blizzard wants us to be the pullers i think that warriors can do a good job as well. So i settled down as primarily a Ranged Damage Dealer or as my partymates would say a “walking DoT (Damage over Time)” effect.

So the strategy went like this 1) warrior does the pulling or charging 2) Pet aggros one mob, leaving one less for the others to deal with 3) Do some Ranged crits for the Pets target or another Mob 4) Partymates have easier time dispatching their share of the mob 5) Partymates help with pet’s target or the Hunter’s.

The Shaman in the group commented how great my pet was and even though they hated other groupings with Hunters, he liked what i was doing. They even ruffled King B behind the ears!

Author: Kiven
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  1. way to go genius.
    it the same as every flamer i know doesnt post his contact details.

    and its “anything” not “any thing”.

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