WOW : 2 days to a month

28 days. 80g saved.

Its almost a month since i first played WOW and im close to getting my own mount for my Level 44 Orc Hunter Adobo on the Feathermoon Realm.
Im still making up my mind which i should pick : from a Raptor (Troll Mount), an Undead Steed (Undead Mount) and the orc’s own Wolf mount.
Also, soloed ShadowFang Keep,Wailing Caverns,Blackfathom Deeps and Razorfen Kraul in the last two weeks looking for item drops to be sold on the AH, i even completed the FANG set of Armor but being soulbound it was worth nothing to me at my current level. My guildmates from The Riders of Death were with me when we ran thru Razorfen Downs though.

During the past week,I also was able to tame Snarler(elite black wolf +100 resistances),Sin’Dall and King Bangalash.

Current Status

Level 44 Orc Hunter Adobo – currently in Tanaris, sun bathing with my King Bangalash pet tiger.
Level 8 Undead Warrior – Twinking receipient

Level 13 Paladin Miriya
Level 4 Elf Warrior Mulawin

Author: Kiven
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