Download Flyff Philippines v17 Client

Flyff v17: Colosseum is now up on the local Philippine servers run by Level Up! You can get the latest update by patch ing to V17 automatically after August 2, 2011. Download the V17 full game client via ftp (direct download):

Click Flyff then click FLv17_FTP/ and download the following:

File:FlyFF_Colosseum072511.exe 2071 KB
File:FlyFF_Colosseum072511-1a.bin 286079 KB
File:FlyFF_Colosseum072511-1b.bin 288150 KB
File:FlyFF_Colosseum072511-1c.bin 288150 KB
File:FlyFF_Colosseum072511-1d.bin 81783 KB

Download Flyff Philippines v17 Client via Pando downloader:

– Download the Pando downloader
– Run the downloader. Once download is complete you may then install Flyff V17!

17 thoughts on “Download Flyff Philippines v17 Client

  1. do we have to download all of these??? pra ma iinstall?? kxe ako pando downloder lng dnan load ko eh please help?? na ll8te na q sa mga ka tropa ko eh. kxe balik flyff kme HELP!

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