3 thoughts on “Hunter Blade MMORPG

  1. I know China is the land of ctrlC+ctrlV, but hell ! It’s so blattant just wonder how such a thing hasn’t been hunted down by capcom O_O

  2. Haha, that’s great!!! If it’s free, it’ll show those capcom basterds!! They should bring Monster Hunter Frontier to the west, but noooooooooo, let’s just let the asians have all the fun.
    I’m not racist, but that’s pretty unfair not beeing able to play that great MMO, now, if another game developer wants to copy that, they have all my support, let me play and it’s all fine…
    I’m south american btw, so, I KNOW even if MHF comes to west, it’ll take a long time to be available to us in Brazil.

  3. i wouldnt mind playing this considering capcom has no intention of releasing this in the states serves them right monster hunter fans arent just limited in japan to you know 

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