Dungeon Runners – Complete Dungeon Map


Here’s a map of every dungeon in Dungeon Runners. The Horrific Dungeon of Legend is in the bottom left corner. Note that you can earn exp up to 5 levels past a dungeon’s level limit. For those wondering why the map is like a flowchart, Dungeon Runners generates its dungeon layouts randomly (well not actually randomly, but you know what i mean). At least it tells you which area connects to.

Dungeon Runners is a free to play MMORPG (Think Diablo with Humor) with a paid premium service that gives you access to higher tiered items, a storage bin for items, and stackable potions. Future Enchancements include pets err minions, up to 3 charcters per account and the option for ad supported gameplay to access bonus features for players not willing to shell out the measly $5 USD monthly fee.

Dungeon Runners – Complete Dungeon Map

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Credit goes to Goya of the official Dungeon Runners Forums.

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