Neverwinter Nights 2 Marathon


For some reason the feature that i most remember about Neverwinter Nights 2, after a couple of hours of playing it straight, wasnt the deep character customization system or the polished D&D engine humming underneath, it even wasnt the myriad of dialogue options that can be made possible, the thing i most remember about NWN2 is the party interaction between your character and your partymates. Its like being dropped on the set of the Fifth Wheel meets the Jerry Springer show with swords and spells. Lol funny.

NWN2_SS_110606_192536.jpg NWN2_SS_110606_194252.jpg

And yes, the spell effects look Awesome with a capital A. Its just too bad the character and world texture packages werent much that much atrractive.

To be continued…

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