9mm by Gameloft (iPhone,iPad,Android)

Gameloft has released teaser information regarding their upcoming iOS game called 9mm, which is a 3D action game with a gritty and serious tone to it. It is reported that you will be playing a cop trying to keep peace and order in a rough neighborhood. 9mm reminds me of Max Payne though, with the use of bullet time as well has the seriousness. Oh, did i mention there are strippers in the game? Not that any of you are interested in that sort of thing. Check the vid below…

Watch the 9mm trailer by Gameloft

With L.A. Noire just released in our local Datablitz, it looks like gangster/cop style games are making a comeback. Not exactly my cup of tea (i thoroughly enjoyed Max Payne though), but still might be interesting for our readers.

Author: Kiven
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