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Lord of Ultima is a massively multiplayer online browser game from german developer Phenomic and publisher EA. Lord of Ultima is EA’s first game in the free Strategy MMO genre and will be completely playable in your favorite web browser. Developed by EA’s Phenomic studio, the game’s creator Volker Wertich (the brains behind such strategy cult hits such as the Settlers) has the chops to create a fun and interesting web browser game.

I have been trying Lord of Ultima for a few days now and while the gameplay is similar to such other web games such as Travian or such classics as the Romance of the 3 Kingdom series by Koei, It does have the Ultima vibe to it. When i first started i was alone in a vast plain on a huge continent, 2 days later my city is surrounded with other newbies trying out the game. It’s basically build improvements, build units, upgrade for special bonuses and units and diplomacy with other players. Not really for everyone but fun for those who like this sort of thing. We also tried buying from the ingame shop and found the process rather easy and quick. Too bad there arent items for Mana or cosmetic items to change your town’s building’s skins for example.

Features as per EA’s official website:
Deepest gameplay experience in the genre – You can customize your city in ways never seen before in this genre. Choose among 27 building types. Place and combine them strategically to maximize their effectiveness.

For example, place woodcutters and a sawmill next to a forest to maximize the collected resources or build a training ground next to your barracks to increase your recruitment speed.

A quest book full of interesting missions will guide you through exploring all the strategic possibilities Lord of Ultima has for you.
Plunder dungeons and defeat mighty bosses to win their treasures.

Choose your personal path to glory – Prosper as a peaceful merchant by trading resources over land or by sea and using diplomacy.
Or become a feared conqueror, by creating mighty armies of knights and mages to crush your enemies.
Forging alliances with other players will help you in your ultimate quest.

Lord of Ultima looks stunning – Lord of Ultima is the best looking game in its genre. Cities offer unseen level of detail and are packed with numerous animations. For comfortable navigation, players can zoom into their city as well as explore the lands of Caledonia in the region view.

Empire building for everyone – You don’t have to be an expert in strategy games to enjoy Lord of Ultima. Easy to learn but difficult to master, the game was designed to be fun for everyone. There is no registration required to play. Once in the game, an extensive tutorial will guide you through your first steps.
Play4Free, runs in a browser – Lord of Ultima is a free game, accessible from your browser: No download or installation is needed.

Join me on the World3 server by going to http://lordofultima.com

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