NBA Draft 08: Chicago Bulls draft Derrick Rose, Miami goes with Beasley

NBA Draft 2008:

NBA draft 2008

Chicago Bulls drafts Derrick Rose ending weeks/month of speculation who they will pick in the draft. Meanwhile does this mean Miami will choose Beasley? Draft Updates Live!

Miami Heat drafts Michael Beasley!!!!!

1. CHI — Derrick Rose
2. MIA — Michael Beasley
3. MIN — O.J. Mayo
4. SEA — Russell Westbrook
5. MEM — Kevin Love
6. NYK — Danilo Gallinari
7. LAC — Eric Gordon
8. MIL — Joe Alexander
9. CHA — D.J. Augustin
10. NJN — Brook Lopez
11. IND — Jerryd Bayless
12. SAC — Jason Thompson
13. POR — Brandon Rush
14. GSW — Anthony Randolph

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