Infinity Blade 2 Review

Infinity Blade 2 is much more enjoyable experience than the first, with a bigger world to explore, more weapons, more unique enemies, and a much more polished story. We get to finally understand why the protagonist keeps going back for more against the God King and how his victory in the last game has affected the world.

Players have one huge area to explore the branching paths and secret locations in contrast to original’s mostly linear progression. The visuals have also been improved, with more eye candy such as effects and shadowing techniques present. Definitely, Infinity Blade is still the king of visuals on the iOS.

Infinity Blade II starts where the first Infinity Blade ends. The Hero, now named Siris, is in danger of being hunted the Deathless in the world and he needs the help of the creator of the Infinity Blade, named The Worker of Secrets. The problem is The Worker of Secrets is locked away with the only way of opening the prison is for Siris to defeat 4 more Deathless entities.

I beat the game at Level 26, rebirth 13or so and the ending was one of both surprise and excitement. I wont spoil things for you but it kind of wraps up the story of IB2 while setting the stage for additional DLC as well as some interesting scenarios of Infinity Blade 3.

The gameplay has expanded in IB2: You now get to forge weapons with gems, with weapons having different kinds of sockets. For example, you might be able to purchase a blade or helmet with 2 sockets, one for circular gems and one for triangular gems. This gives the player a bit of customization on what kind of weapon they want to use. Socketing gems can also give you resistance or bonus damage for an element, useful since the higher level enemies have resistances and bonuses as well to their gear.

The parry system is better this time around, you can do a simple parry or if you’re timing is right a perfect parry which can leave your opponent open for a special attack or left dazed. You can now dual wield as well, you wont be able to block but you can compensate for that with more successive hits via combos and parrying.

Infinity Blade 2 has launched with a couple of issues, most glaring is the IB2 crash bug on iOS devices with lots of apps. A fix has been provided by ChAir as of this writing so download the huge 1gb update from the app store. Another big issue is the loss of save games on iCloud. I suggest you disable saves on iCloud or download the Infinity Blade 2 1.0.1 update from the App Store

Final Word
Get Infinity Blade 2 if you: 1) like the first game 2) love adventure/rpg games on the ios 3) love good graphics and want to experience the best of the iOS games. Infinity Blade 2 is an awesome followup to the original and deserves its spot atop the App store once again. Highly Recommended.

Infinity Blade 2 Screenshots

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