Forbidden Kingdom

forbidden kingdom

Jacky Chan and Jet Li finally team up as a duo in the upcoming Forbidden Kingdom Movie by Lionsgate. Awesome cinematography as shown in the trailer after the jump.

I dig the 2 warriors and the orphaned cute chinese girl bit but why in the good buddha’s name is there a caucasian in the film? Is this like the asian Narnia or something? Ugh, Jet Li and Jacky better carry this movie or that american goku will kill this Journey-to-the-west adaptation quicker than you can say “Dragon Wars”. Oh, and i wish there was a version in chinese as the english sucks imho.

The Forbidden kingdom Video/trailer after the jump

Check out the official site at:

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2 thoughts on “Forbidden Kingdom

  1. Well movie made by Americans, some white dude just has to be there.

    I’m prepared to be disappointed by the dialogue, Jet Li and Jacky Chan speaking in English together doesn’t sound pleasing.

    I, like you, am praying for Chinese version with English subtitles.

    They just had to put the Caucasian in.

    My .02

    Vince a.k.a. “EVIL GREG”

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