Ragnarok Philippines Episode 22: Renewal Guide

Check out the Ragnarok Online Philippines Episode 22: Renewal Patch Guide and download the patch from the official website

UPDATED: Check out the RO Renewal QUEST GUIDES here

Main Feature List for RO EP22: Renewal
13 new jobs
Raised level cap to 150
New skills and skill trees for all new jobs
New weapons, armors, items and more
Enhanced interface and improvements to the game

Important Details about RO Renewal Patch
Renewal Patch Size: Around 150MB. It will automatically patch to your current game install
If you don’t have the game, DOWNLOAD RENEWAL HERE
Ragnarok EP 22 Renewal will launch after the maintenance on Oct 13, 2010
For guides on how to change to 3rd jobs, consult the OFFICIAL RENEWAL MICROSITE

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