Tekken 7 being developed?

Eurogamer Portugal, attending a press event in Spain earlier this week, says that Namco Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada revealed that his team is already at work on Tekken 7. I’m not surprised at all if Namco Bandai is hard at work with the next Tekken installment as the series is still very popular with fighting fans, i’m more interested to see what are the new features coming to the Tekken series.

While this seems like more a pre-E3 slip of the tongue than a genuine product reveal, it’s hardly the stuff of night terrors. A seventh Tekken game? Why not, people bought the last six. The one thing he added was that it was in the early stages of development, so if you don’t end up seeing the fighter at E3 next month – or only see it in trailer form – that’ll be why.

Author: Kiven
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