Monster Hunter Unite PSP DLC: Fiesta 3

Check out a brand new Challenge Quest for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP available for download: Monster Hunter Fiesta 3! You’ll be put to the test against three monsters. Check out the details of the quest below:

“It appears that we have arrived at the best part of these competitions. I wonder who will stand tall in the end and take home the proof! I look forward to seeing your magnificent technique.”

Monsters: Emerald Congalala, Terra S.Ceanataur, Nargacuga

Area: Great Arena (Day)

Requirements: Lower Class (No Limit)

[i][b]Reward: 3,000z

More details on this Monster Hunter PSP DLC after the jump.

Over the weekend we’re inviting you to come hunt with us! We’ll be playing online via the PS3 in AdHoc Party under the PSN ID, Snow_Infernus. We’ll be recording the matches, and putting up some clips of the hunts later. Keep your eye on AdHoc Party room G8, and look for the house called “Snow.”

See you online!

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