Dragonball Kai Episode 1-3


So, the remastered Dragonball Z series is now in the hands of fansubbers for the enjoyment of english users everywhere. While some may be disappointed that Bandai didnt redo all the scenes in the updated DBZ GT style, i kinda loved seeing the old artstyle with the compact storyline. It just makes the progression to the end that much more enjoyable, seeing the story and art evolving together.

Dragon ball Kai Episode 1-3 synopsis summary after the jump.

Dragonball Kai Episode 1-2 starts with Goku’s brother Raditz coming to earth wondering why Kakarot (Goku) hasnt exterminated the populace yet. We find out that Goku is really a Saiyan, arguably the most powerful warrior race in the galaxy. We also find out that Planet Vegeta, homeworld of the Saiyans, was destroyed by Freiza.

Raditz finds out that Goku’s violent nature was modified when he hit his head falling off a ravine when he was a baby. Raditz then kidnaps Gohan and forces Goku to destroy all humans or else. Piccolo also joins the fray, 5 years after he and Goku tangled in the Budokai Tenkaichi.

Dragonball Kai Episode 3 starts with Raditz confronting Piccolo and Goku. Goku’s brother is definitely above and beyond the skill level of both earthbound fighters. Goku attempts a kamehameha which Raditz catches with his hands and diffuses. Piccolo attempts his powerful technique called MakankoSappo (Botakbotakbo!!!! LOL) hitting Raditz on his shoulder armor but misses any vital point. Raditz is amazed that both fighters can up their power levels so much as these two. Suddenly, Gohan’s power level rises above Goku’s and Piccolo and delivers a headfirst attack in the center of Raditz’s armor, opening it up. Goku grabs Raditz telling Piccolo to attempt the MakankoSappo again even at the cost of his life. Piccolo hits both Goku and Raditz in the center of the chest. Raditz is puzzled why Goku sacrificed himself, Piccolo casually mentions that the Dragonballs can grant any wish, including reviving the dead.

In his last breath, Raditz mentions that all what has transpired has been sent to two other more powerful Saiyans in space. They will arrive on Earth in approximately a year and will surely destroy the earth. Goku is surrounded by friends as they promise to revive him using the dragonballs.

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